How to Clean Your Surroundings and Get Rid of Scabies

From the moment you get infected till the time you get totally rid of Scabies, the total duration is almost three months (if you are relying on a good treatment plan, of course!).

The Scabies infestation starts from the time a female mite burrows inside the skin of the host. The male mites keep moving between the burrows looking for a mate.

After the mating, the male mite dies and female starts laying the eggs. The eggs hatch after about three to four days.

  1. The young mites reach the surface of the skin and mature into adults in just ten days. The males stay on the surface of the skin and females keep burrowing underneath.
  2. This process keeps repeating and the life cycle goes on, if treatment is not started. It is important to remember that mites are totally resistant to hot water and soap. They cannot be scrubbed out of the body.
  3. The only way to get rid of scabies mites is to start treatment immediately with a popular and widely recommended product like Dr. Scabies. The whole kit from Dr. scabies should be ordered and all the family members should follow the instructions carefully.
  4. After every treatment with Dr. Scabies, the family should follow a cleaning routine.
  5. All bed linen and clothes worn by the patient should be cleaned in the hot cycle of the washing machine or dry-cleaned.
  6. All items that cannot be washed should be vacuum-sealed in a plastic bag and kept for storage at a temperature below 20 degrees for a week.
  7. The family can also freeze certain items at -20 degrees for at least 12 hours.
  8. The house should be vacuum-cleaned from top to bottom. Generally no specialized fumigation is required.

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