How to Cure Scabies Naturally?

How to Cure Scabies Naturally?

Scabies – a term used to define a parasitic skin infection by the human itch mite sarcoptes scabiei. The term ‘itch mite’ might give you an indication of the effect of these minute monsters. These mites live under the epidermis and lay their eggs beneath. Due to the infestation, the entire immune system usually gets debilitated. Scabies is believed to be a complex infestation as the symptoms aren’t visible earlier. The itching begins after 30 days of infection. During the initial symptom-less period, sufferers may transfer this condition to other family members or friends.

Scabies is a highly contagious infestation that can be spread easily whenever there is a skin contact, or when there is a shared contact with the victim’s belongings. Infestations have been known to run extensive in institutional settings.

Treating the Mites

To avoid further infestation or even re-infestation, treating the mites is important. Besides applying the over-the-counter topical creams to treat the ailment, many natural remedies are also highly effective.

Tea tree oil is one of the most common but effective remedies for eliminating scabies. It penetrates into the skin and suffocate the insects. Tea tree oil treatment is directly applied to the affected areas with a cotton ball. The surrounding area with excessive itching is also treated.

Neem oil is used as a natural insecticide by the organic farmers. It is reported that neem is usually safe for use in food products. This natural “insecticide” is considered so safe that they were exempted from their use as pesticide residues, and their unlimited amounts can be present in foods. Neem works differently to most pesticides. For some insects, it disrupts their life cycle hormonally and kills their desire to eat.

Neem oil prevents reproduction in the case of scabies. This is a fact that is very pertinent because of their short life cycle. Neem works by altering the hormones of insects. Most scabies sufferers stop getting bites after two days of neem treatments. Simply, rub neem oil all over the body with a cotton swab, and use neem soap while you take bath or shower on a daily basis for two weeks.

Cayenne was defined in the herbal book, The Badanius Manuscript, for treating scabies. Applying cayenne topically quite literally burns the scabies without causing any side-effects to the host. Most people use it by placing large amounts of cayenne into a warm bath and remain in it for an extended time. You can buy packets of cayenne from the “Mexican” section of many grocery stores. Make sure you protect your eyes while handling or bathing in cayenne.

Cleaning Your Environment

Mites can live in furniture, carpets, towels and clothing for several days. This can become a cause of re-infection constantly. Hence, it is important to thoroughly clean the house to eliminate the pests.

For regular vacuuming, experts recommend using a vacuum with bags. When vacuuming is done, remove the bags immediately from indoors. But, if you use a bagless vacuum, add a small amount of salt in the collection container before vacuuming to shred and dehydrate the mites. For best results, put borax powder into a steam cleaning mix, and clean the carpets. But make sure that you protect your lungs from inhaling borax!

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