How To Deal If My Child Gets Scabies?

How To Deal If My Child Gets Scabies?

Your child can get infested with scabies through skin-to-skin contact with any other infected children or caretakers in school and there’s no way you can avoid this disease except to protect your child from close contact. But in case your child catches the infection you will have to start the treatment right away to avoid it from getting complicated.

The following article is about effective treatments and necessary precautions you need to take if your child gets scabies.

A skin-to-skin contact with a person suffering from scabies enables transfer of mites from body of infested person to another. These mites create burrows to lay eggs and multiply to spread to the entire body and to other people as well. This results into intense itching which is worse over the night. Your child may experience a lot of discomfort during night due to itch.

Scabies is highly contagious infection which can happen to your child even if he is scrupulously clean. It can even get worse if not treated in time.

Read on to find out the symptoms and treatment methods for scabies.

Symptoms Of Scabies

After your child gets scabies, he will surely develop an itchy rash of scattered, pimply red bumps especially between the finger folds. Generally, in young children, scabies rashes develop on the head, neck, shoulders, palms, and soles unlike in adults where the rashes appear on the hands, wrists, genitals, and abdomen.

If you doubt your child has scabies look for curvy or razor-thin red lines on the skin which are the burrows created by the mites to lay eggs. If there are fine lines then it indicates the presence of mites on the body. You may also notice signs of pustules such as inflamed areas filled with pus which may appear like pimples.

He may also experience intense itching during night or after a hot bath which may not let him sleep throughout the night. All these signs indicate that your child is infected with scabies and needs to be treated.

If you are unsure about your child’s condition, it’s recommended to consult your family doctor for right diagnosis.

Treating Your Child Against Scabies

The doctor usually prescribes a topical medication for the initial treatment and Permethrin is among the most common treatments for scabies. The topical cream has to be applied for 24 to 48 hours once in a week. It is also recommended not to take hot water bath during the scabies treatment is going on as it can only worsen the itch. For effective treatment and faster results it’s advisable to isolate your child and not to send him to school till he gets back to normal position.

Dr Scabies is also a highly recommended treatment for scabies which contains natural ingredients that help to cure scabies effectively. It is safe to treat your child with dr scabies cream since it contains pure ingredients that can help in getting relieved from the itch and killing the mites. Dr Scabies cream can be bought as an over-the-counter drug from a pharmacy store.

Benzyl benzoate, crotamiton, lindane, and malathion are also effective treatment for scabies. But it’s best to consult your doctor before using them on your child. It’s best to consult your doctor before starting the treatment for faster results and avoiding the side-effects of any medicine.

Make sure you follow doctor’s instructions and also go for a follow-up if he asks to. The topical cream should be applied properly to every part of the body from the neck down. This is to avoid the infection from spreading to other body parts. Also apply the cream over toes, fingers, underarms, navel, and even genitals. Don’t leave the cream for a longer time on the body.

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