How To Deal Your Dry and Itching Skin?

Dry skin is quite comfortable because of the scaling, cracking and itching of the skin. And scratching makes it worse which is very hard to resist. Dry skin is caused by the lack of the moisture (water) in the upper layers of the skin.

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Save Your Skin from Dryness while Taking Shower:

There are many things you can do to prevent your skin from drying while taking showers.

  • Avoid hot water bath as it strips the moisture from the skin, thereby triggering the dryness.
  • Apply gentle body lotions and soaps.
  • Don’t apply cleanser excessively.
  • Use clean towel to pat your skin dry.
  • Apply moisture within three minutes after your bath to the trap the moisture in your body.

Choose Ointment and Creams

Ointments and creams are efficient and skin friendly than body lotions. Right moisture contains the essentials like lactic acid, mineral oil, lanolin, glycerin and petrolatum. Besides, you can choose the one which have olive or jojoba oil as its key ingredient. You can also use the one containing Shea Butter.

Carry a Non Greasy Moisturizer With You:

To save your moisture on the run, you must keep non-greasy cream with you. You can use it after washing your hand or face on your journey or while away from the home.

Always Wear Lip Balm:

Lip balms retain the moisture of your lips, which tend to be more irritating when become dry. Make sure to choose the good lip balm which can go well with your lips and doesn’t make you feel sting or tingle after application.

Use Skin Friendly Personal Care Products

You should be particular about the skin care products for your dry skin. Don’t use the harsh and irritating skin care products containing alcohol, AHA and fragrance to protect your skin’s natural oils. Use the products with the labels of being dry skin friendly.

Wear Gloves:

You can notice the sign of dryness on your hands. So, you must protect them by wearing gloves in winter or while handling the task requiring you touch greases and chemicals.

Make Your Environment Moisturized:

Keep the humidifier in on position to create a moisturized environment in your room. Besides, you should minimize using heater or other similar sources to keep yourself warm as excessive heat can make your skin dry.

With the help of these simple tips, you can help your skin look better and feel better. However, visit your physician immediately if the symptoms turn worse or go beyond your control.

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