How to Destroy Scabies Mites Naturally & Effectively?

Sarcoptes scabiei is a microscopic parasitic arthropod. It burrows into human skin and causes scabies. It even passes by the names “scabies vermin” and “human itch bug.” Among different courses, it can be transmitted sexually.

How to Destroy Scabies Mites Naturally & Effectively?

For the treatment to kill them is applied topically, patients are regularly spurred to find a substance that damages the vermin but is nontoxic to people.

Do you want to destroy your scabies bugs naturally and more effectively? If yes, below are the steps that you need to follow;

Step 1

Since long time, Manuka extract has been used to fight scabies. It kills bugs and gives alleviating help in the meantime, which is the reason many favors this treatment over the harsh medicinal creams that are normally recommended. Bathe with Manuka cleanser. Mix witch hazel, and tea tree oil in a 10-to-1 proportion.

Apply this moisturizer after showering to affected areas, the areas that itch or that has the obvious chicken pox-like red marks. Manuka extracts can be used as a part of oil, cream or cleanser form and results are normally found in 1 week.

Step 2

Apply a blend of rubbing liquor and pure lavender oil to infected areas. Apply enough to moisturize the skin. Simply massage gently with this blend over the affected surface and leave it for a night to work.

Step 3

Use a half cup of neem oil for a shower  or for direct application every day. Neem oil is a plant extract used as a pesticide. Join it with turmeric to form an antiseptic cream that gives both comfort and treatment.

Step 4

Observe all garments and bed sheets in the hot water. If you can’t wash it, put it in a plastic bag for seven days to starve the bugs to death.

Step 5

See a doctor if a decrease in itching and healing of wounds has not started within seven days of customary use of a natural treatment. The scabies mite is becoming more and more immune to traditional medications, some of which are poisonous to people, which is the reason numerous patients try natural treatment first.

Thus, above were the natural methods to kill scabies mites effectively. To know more about scabies and its treatment, keep following are blogs. For queries or suggestions, do let us know in the comment section given below!


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