Have you landed here looking for some solution to kill those scabies mites? Do you need to treat you skin naturally and effectively? Then avoid any scabies treatment which contains those harmful chemicals and learn the right way to get rid of scabies. Explore.


It is the presence of scabies mites under the skin which results in an allergic reaction. It further leads to rashes which are itchy and can cause much discomfort. While these bugs can be easily transferred from one person to another, it becomes more essential to treat the problem as soon as possible. As far as the permethrin based creams are considered, there is no dearth of scabies solution. But do you these creams are not safe to use!

Yes, these might lead you to severe infections and cause several side effects. Why go for permethrin creams when there are other safer solutions? For example, you can use Dr. Scabies. Being a homeopathic solution it consists of sulfur and essential oils. It kills scabies mites and their eggs without any adverse effects. And you can buy it now without any medical prescription.

And then there are some other natural methods to get rid of these mites. Find out them here:


Another easily available herb, rosemary, which you can use to treat scabies effectively and efficiently! It comes with anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties which protects the affected area from secondary infection. Along this, it will help reducing the pain and itchy sensation. Having an astringent, camphor, it makes the affected area inhospitable for the scabies parasite extremely. So, it is ideal to be used for eliminating the irritating sensation and enhance the healing process.

How to use?

In a pot of water add some rosemary and bring it to boil. Leave it to cool down and apply it on the affected skin gently. Let it be there for some minutes and then wash it off.


You might know these for good brain health, but do you know that these are ideal for cutting down on the itching sensation caused by scabies mites? Actually, walnut carries vermifuge and anti-fungal agents. Thus, it’s useful in removing parasites and worms.

How to use?

The simplest thing you could do is you can add one handful of walnuts in two cups of water. Bring the mixture to boil and let it until this water remains half of its initial volume. Allow it to cool and you can drink it.

Pure Lavender Oil

It is best known to help in promoting the skin cell regeneration. But it is helpful in killing parasites too. Hence, you can use it boost for both, skin cell regeneration and getting free of mites.

How to use?

To your bathtub add 5 drops of pure lavender oil and soak yourself in this bath water. You can wait for 15 to 20 minutes, and it would be enough for soothing your skin and providing relief from the itching. It can be repeated once per day for a few weeks.

White Vinegar

As it is said that any change in your pH level can make mites die, being acidic in nature it helps killing these mites by changing the pH level of your skin.

How to use?

All you need to do is combine white vinegar and water in equal ratio. Mix it well and with help of a cotton ball apply it directly on the affected skin area. Let it dry for a few minutes and rinse it off with warm water. It can be carried out 3 times per day for 10-15 days

Tea Tree Oil

This magical oil comes with a compound called terpinen-4-ol which is said to kill the parasite causing scabies infestation. Along this, the anti-inflammatory, antiparasitic, disinfectant, antiseptic, antifungal, and antibacterial properties make tea tree oil best solution to treat scabies.

How to use?

Blend 1 tablespoon of tea tree oil with 1 teaspoon of olive oil. With help of a cotton ball apply it directly on the affected skin area. It can be repeated 2 times per day.

Hopefully, now you might have got an idea to treat scabies infestation safely, quickly, and easily.

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