How to Fight Wrinkles and Come out as a Winner

Looking and feeling young must be desire of everyone reading this blog. Right? Even men are equally conscious about their skin. After all, healthier and younger skin makes you feel positive and confident.

However, aging is inevitable. The first signs of aging are fine lines, wrinkles and crow feet on your face. Sometimes they occur earlier, making you look older than you are.

Why do you get them?

While age factor is an obvious reason, they are caused by skin damage due to pollution, tanning and poor nutrition. Luckily, you can reverse the age signs and minimize the damages with a holistic skin care regimen and precautions.

Protect Your Skin From Excessive Sun Exposure:

Overexposure to the sun can make your skin vulnerable. The harmful UV rays triggers the production of free radicals that affect healthy skin cells. Consequently, you lose elastin and collagen. Overexposure to sun also leads to eye wrinkles, face wrinkles, premature aging, skin aging and also skin cancer. Therefore, it is important to protect your skin from excessive sun. Make sure to apply a quality sunscreen (at least of 30 SPF) and use umbrella or scarf if you have to remain in sun for longer.

Take Healthy Diet: –

Diet also plays important role in your skin health. Malnutrition can lead to wrinkles and premature aging. Make sure to take the food rich in Vitamins A, E and C as they have antioxidant properties.

Anti-oxidant-rich fruits and vegetables eliminate free radicals (that causes cell damage to the skin) from your body and makes your skin look good. Green tea is a great source of those anti-oxidants. Your anti-ageing diet also includescarrots, broccoli and sunflower seeds. The important fatty acids found in oily fish, Brazil nuts, and avocados are very useful in minimizing the occurrence of the wrinkles. Besides, they help retain the elasticity of the skin. Besides, overeating, smoking, excessive alcohol and drugs also damages the skin texture.

Stay Hydrated:

Drinking plenty of fresh water not only keeps your skin hydrated but flushes toxins from your body. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily is beneficial in moisturizing your skin.

Yoga Makes Your Skin Beautiful:

Yoga also works on your skin and gives it a rosy glow like no skin cream or serum can. Yoga pumps up the blood flow to the nerves underneath your face, leading to the generation of new cells. The improved blood circulation removes dull and tired complexion. Several facial yoga poses strengthen the facial muscles to fix wrinkles and saggy skin. Besides, it flushes out the toxins being responsible for pimples and acne breakout. Some of the useful yoga poses for wrinkled skin are fish pose, cobra pose, fish face, crow pose and bridge pose.

Follow a Good Skincare Regimen: –

For healthy skin you need to use skin care products regularly. There are lots of effective creams available in market that claims to reduce wrinkles. While choosing wrinkle creams, look for those that contain Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E in them. In addition to wrinkle creams you should follow a daily routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing your skin. Despite this you can use good quality scrub or microdermabrasion kit to remove dead skin cells once or twice a week. Use of face masks or skin peels also help reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Take Adequate Sleep:

A good sleep means good skin health as when you’re sleep-deprived; your body releases more of the stress hormone cortisol. Raised levels of cortisol can increase stress and inflammation in the body, affecting your skin’s quality. That said, sleeping on the side of your face on a pillow against the collagen can increase breakdown, causing visible lines.

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