How to Get Rid of Scabies Mites From The Personalized Stuff?

Being a skin infection caused by presence of tiny mites, scabies is common to all genders and age groups. These mites are so small that they are not visible to the naked eye and thus getting rid of them is difficult. Find out how you can make your home and environment free of scabies.


It is the presence of eight-legged mites which causes your skin to itch and leads to most contagious skin infestation, scabies. Basically, the parasites use its proboscis to penetrate the epidermis of a person which then causes rashes and several internal complications.

As far as the spread of the disease is concerned, in majority of cases it is due to coming into physical contact with earlier infected person. However, because of the perverseness of this infection in the household environment, it can occur using the objects which are used or have been in contact with the diseased. Thus, it can be anything, ranging from the towel, attires, bed sheets, etc. to furniture and toilet. Hence, in order to stop the further spread of scabies, it is vital to treat the surroundings.

Explore here what all you need to do;

How to get rid of mites from personal items?

Whether it is about the clothing, sheets or the towels, you need to clean each and every personal item of a scabies infested person. For this you need to know that dry and high heat kills the mites and their eggs ideally. Make sure that laundry is completely dry, reason being you need to dry out the mites and their eggs in order to kill them.

  • Dry heat over 122 degrees F (50 degrees C) used for over 10 minutes is sufficient to kill the mites and their eggs. However, expert believe that it should be at least 30 minutes on high heat as the last 10 minutes of a drying cycle is usually a cool down period. You cannot count that as high heat. This means that you will keep it for 20 minutes on high heat which would be enough.
  • To ensure that the process is done in the right way, you can test your dryer using a meat thermometer. Just run some dry laundry on high heat, followed by insertion of a temperature probe in to see if it gets over 122 degrees F (40 degrees C).
  • Unless you are sure about the temperature setting, don’t wash your laundry. Else you will have to completely dry your laundry, running it on high heat for another 30 minutes. Put dry and dirty laundry in the dryer first. Later you can wash it if you want to.
  • Put all the towels, quilts, blankets, bed pad, and pillows used by the diseases in the dryer before reusing them. And make it scabies free.

Following the above process, you can get mites off the personal items, but it is equally essential for you to treat scabies in proper manner. You need a solution which is natural, safe and effective, all at the same time. Dr. Scabies is one such product available which comes with most efficient formula comprising of sulfur and other essential oils. It is safe on skin and harsh on mites. You can buy it online or over the counter, and get rid of mites easily.

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