How to Get Treatment for Scabies without Insurance or Money?

Scabies is an extremely annoying skin condition caused by the sarcoptes scabiei mite, commonly known as itch mite. The tiny mites burrow within the skin, causing an allergic reaction which in turn leads to a rash and acute itching. It is estimated that worldwide over 300 million people get infected with scabies at any one time. The mite affects humans regardless of age, gender, socioeconomic status, or race.

The most obvious and first sign of scabies is localized itching. Mites may or not be visible, but tend to leave small red bumps that are caused by the burrows they make into the infested person’s skin. These bumps may look like tiny pustles or blisters on the skin. Generally, skin folds such as the inside of elbows, between fingers, behind knees and other areas with folded skin are affected with scabies.

Risk Factors and High Risk Areas

Scabies is highly contagious skin condition that can spread from person to person via direct skin-to-skin contact from the infested individual. The scabies mites can even live in infected bedding, mattresses, clothing, towels, etc. and transfers to the other host when their skin is rubbed off on any of the aforementioned things. Additionally, scabies can survive without a host for up to three days. Once they have infected a human host, the parasitic mites can live anywhere from three to four weeks.

However, the most common way of contracting scabies is from prolonged physical contact with infected person. Prolonged physical contact usually means skin to skin contact with an infected person which lasts longer than the average handshake.

High risk areas for scabies are the places where people exist in close quarters, including nursing homes, summer camps or schools. In these environments, one infected individual can spread the disease to anyone he or she comes in close contact with.

How can I get treatment for scabies with no insurance or money?

Usually, you don’t need spend a great deal of money or insurance for the treatment of scabies. However, you can seek care at a community-based health clinic. Apart from that, the products like Dr Scabies are also quite affordable and helpful in eliminating the nasty mites. Within a week or more, you’ll be able to see the positive results, which will cost you probably less than pizzad and burgers you eat every other day.

Here are some of the amazing products that you can opt for treating scabies quickly and efficiently:

Sulfur soaps

Sulfur soap in six to ten-percent concentrations is an effective treatment to combat scabies without medicaments. Patients are recommended to wash the affected areas with hot water and soap, for few days until itching is relieved.

Neem oil

It is a great natural product for treating scabies, as it has got antifungal and antibacterial properties to fight the nasty itch mites. The oil should be applied onto the affected areas for soothing and eliminating mites and then rinsed off with warm water after few hours.

Tea Tree oil and Elimite

You can use tea tree oil for soothing you skin, but it has got moderate results. But the Elimite cream is considered very effective solution for treating scabies. You need to keep the cream on affected area for 10-15 hours before cleaning your body.

Treatment Cost

Treatment for scabies is relatively inexpensive compared to other skin treatmets. 60ml tube of Elimite is priced at $35; sulfur soaps are much less. Even bottle of Neem oil or tea tree oil won’t cost you much, and their estimated cost is comparable to sulfur soap. Moreover, prescribed medicaments like Permethrin, oral medications and antihistamines are also available at reasonable prices.

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