How to Help Your Child with Scabies?

Being a skin infection, Scabies is caused due to the presence of mites beneath the skin. The worst part about this skin infestation is that it can affect anyone regardless of age, gender, and race. Find out how dangerous it can be for small children.

How to Help Your Child with Scabies?

Has your child recently developed some red rashes?

Does he become irritated?

Then there are good chances that he is suffering from mite infestation. Yes, Sarcoptes scabiei var. hominis is an eight legged might which can lead to a very contagious type of skin disorder called as scabies. This parasite mite can easily survive under the human skin and cause severe infection. The worst thing is it can be found in any person, including, young, adults and even the little kids.

Hence, if you are new to parenting world and are unfortunately dealing rashes, itches, and bumps amongst your children, you need to go through this ‘Quick guide’ to deal with the situation ideally.

What is scabies? Can it affect children?

Being defined as seven year itch, Scabies is a contagious skin disease which is caused by a small bug known as a mite. Basically, it is the tiny parasitic female mites which enter the skin folds such as between the fingers or the burrows under the skin, leaving their eggs which further leads to skin irritation. As far as the rash which appears on your child’s skin is concerned, these are the result of allergic reaction to the eggs and droppings deposited by the mites. Scabies mites cannot survive for more 4-7 days without their human host.

While it is an extremely itchy and uncomfortable disease, it is common among the children as they have weaker immune system.  

Is scabies contagious and how is it spread?

Yes, scabies it extremely contagious. It can be easily passed through skin-to-skin contact with an infected person. Though these mites cannot fly or jump, but these can easily survive off their host for four to seven days. This means, if you child comes into contact with any stuff which has been recently used by a scabies infested person there are chances of getting infected for him too. So, it can be passed by sharing towels, clothing or bedding.

Which age group is usually affected by scabies?

As far as kids are concerned, children of all ages can be infected with scabies. These mites can easily transfer from one person to person, through direct skin contact. Hence, children in day care, school and nurseries are at greater risk.

Now you might be looking for a treatment to get rid of scabies mites in children, right? Though there are many natural ways to treat children’s skin, yet when you need a more permanent and safer treatment, you can switch to a homeopathic ointment like Dr. Scabies.

Yes, this perfect remedy works in a magnificent manner to fight with the problem and its symptoms, altogether. It consists of sulfur and other natural elements which heals the disorder from roots.




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