How to Identify Scabies Rash?

How To Identify Scabies RashScabies rashes are subtly different. Signs are not the same as that of pimples, eczema or other skin infections.

Are you doubtful if you may have got one of the nastiest skin infections ever? Don’t fret. There’s a cure for it. We’ve got Dr. Scabies for that. But first, you need to learn if you really are infected. Identifying scabies rashes is the first step to do that.

The Basics

Scabies is caused by small mites that burrow inside human skin for a living. Te infection results in severe itching, rashes, redness on skin and blemishes. If not treated on time and treated well, scabies can spread to your friends, family members and colleagues in no time.

It’s usually very difficult to identify scabies.

Here are some pointers which may help you in identifying scabies from other infections:

1. Red colored Rashes

Rashes formed due to scabies are always reddish in color. They can vary in degree from skin to skin, but in severe cases of infection, rashes are almost always bright red in color.

In case of rashes formed due to other skin infections, the redness decreases with time and dies out.

In case of scabies, it just gets worse with each passing day.

2. No, the Rashes Won’t Look like Pimples

Rashes formed after itching are always red in color but look slightly different from pimples. Unless you notice carefully, you may just assume it to be a pimple which it isn’t.

The differences are slight but clear.

An itching feeling which stays for a long period will be accompanied with the rash. Also, in case of pimples, there is an opening in the middle which is absent here. These are even.

Rashes in Scabies are Small and Round

Rashes are actually caused when the scabies mites dig burrows inside the human skin and continually penetrate along the skin to lay eggs.

The female mites are the ones who dig. In fact, the painful red rashes are but tunnels.

Rashes are typically red in color, and small and round. On careful observation, you will be able to differentiate them from other infections.

Look for Thin Black Lines

The initial symptoms in case of scabies are these thin dark lines formed in between the fingers of the hand. They are the tunnels dug by the mites. It’s usually very small (roughly 2-10mm long). Identifying these black lines won’t be easy.

If spotted, know that these are particular only to scabies and you can instantly identify it.

Scabies Rashes usually Appear on the Lower Portions of the Body

Rashes caused by scabies initially appear on the lower portion of the human body. That includes the ankles, the lower foot, thighs, wrists, palms, and the like.

They never appear on the neck, head or face of a person during the first few stages. So an itch on your face should not worry you unless of course it stays around for a long period of time.

What if it’s Scabies Rash?

Check with your doctor if the pain is severe. You can also use Dr. Scabies, the most recommended over-the-counter treatment for speedy and lasting results. 

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