How to Keep Scabies Infestation From Spreading?

Bring a highly infectious condition, scabies is said to be occurring due to presence of tiny mite beneath your skin surface. Basically, these mites form burrows its way through your skin, feed their and later lay eggs. More the number of mites present, severe will be the problem.

Have you been suffering from itchy skin? Does it turn intense at the night time? Are there any rashes present on your skin? If yes, then this is caused by inflammation that occurs due to an allergic reaction to the mite Sarcoptes scabiei. And this infestation can easily pass from person to person by either direct contact, or even by coming into contact with stuff which have been used by an infected person.

Yes, you read that right! Scabies can be caught by anyone and anywhere. And it is not a sign of being unclean. However, it is worth noticing that it can easily pass around in places where there is a high degree of physical contact. Therefore, it is more prominent in crowded places such as schools, nurseries or homes for the elderly.

Anybody who had scabies knows that how contagious it can be. While it looks bad and feels worse, it can be challenging to keep away from infestation. Here is something helpful. Read on.

  • Basic Prevention Tips: The simplest way to prevent scabies is avoiding direct skin-to-skin contact with an already infected person. Certainly, it is not always feasible. What if you don’t know who is infested with scabies? You need to know that a person infested with scabies mites might take up to two months to observe some symptoms. And during this time there are greater chances to pass it along to others. So it is not always possible avoid someone with scabies, there are many other preventative steps you can take to reduce the chances of catching it.
  • Know Your Partner: No, it is not a sexually transmitted disease as such, but during physical contact with your partner these mites can easily transfer from your partner to your body. Hence, minimizing the number of sexual partners can definitely reduce the risk.
  • Learn About Risk Factors: The little children and elderly are more prone to the infestation. Reason being, they have a weaker immune system. Along this, those who live and work in crowded places like camps, nursing homes, schools, dorms, or any other communal living environments, are at greater risk. Actually, scabies passes quickly throughout these places due to lot of skin to skin contact involved. Hence, if you live, work, or spend time at any such location, and you develop an itchy red rash, visit your doctor.


When to call your doctor?

If you think you are exposed to the tiny mites, you can initially try some home remedies. The best way out is using some OTC treatments, like Dr. Scabies. While it is a homeopathic remedy, it comes with sulfur and several other natural ingredients, which make it efficient in treating the problem from roots. Yes, it can help you get rid of mites and eggs completely. Meanwhile, its application will soothe your skin in the most natural way. So you will not be dealing with itching and rashes.

In case, the problem is getting worse or you have delayed the treatment, visit your doctor for his guidance. The severity of problem will depend on how long you’ve been in contact with an infected person and mite infestation. Lastly, anyone with scabies must stay at distance from school, day care and work, unless they get treated ideally.

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