How to Kill Scabies?

When affected by scabies infection, you can’t afford to keep waiting for the right medical treatment or product. You should, instead, apply as many natural remedies and preventive measures at home as you possibly can, until you find a reliable medical solution like Dr. Scabies. Read on for ways to effectively kill scabies!

Since scabies infection is often persistent, it remains highly important to treat it well in time using the right, effective remedies. Unlike other common skin conditions, you can’t take this contagious disease for granted and waste time searching for a variety of medical products!

In case of scabies, you should start taking general preventive measures and use natural home remedies right after the identification of the first symptoms. This will not only help prevent the infection from spreading, but also give you enough time to find an effective and clinically proven medical treatment.

Here is what you can do to kill scabies and how:

Recognize the Symptoms

Caused by mites, scabies infection spreads quickly from person to person. The following signs will help you identify the disease:

  • Scratching and itch all over the body that will become severer every day
  • The appearance of tiny bumps on the skin
  • Tiny burrow lines connecting the bumps

Tip: It’s important to consults the doctor even if you’ve identified the symptoms, for there may be chances for the infection to develop into a more serious illness. Get your skin diagnosed for mites or eggs under the skin and get a treatment prescription.

Application of Prescribed Cream or Lotion

The application of your anti-scabies cream or lotion will depend upon the doctor’s instructions. Make sure you don’t avoid check-up visits, for this will make the treatment more effective and help your doctor to track the progress.

Tip: You can ask for alternatives if results are not satisfactory.

Take Natural Remedies

Generally, doctors prescribe anti-mite creams and lotions to scabies patients. But since most of these products are high in Permethrin, it’s a better idea to use natural remedies.

Herbal neem oil is probably the best natural remedy for scabies you can apply at home. You can make the oil more effective by combining it with repeated onion baths. There are other equally effective DIY treatments you can try, including a homemade lotion comprising of sulfur or a mix of petroleum jelly and Permethrin 1 part each.

Physical and Environmental Hygiene

The most effective way is to shower two times a day and dry your body using a clean towel. Make sure you let your body dry properly and cool down before applying the cream or medication.

As a precautionary measure, consider treating all your family members even as they don’t have scabies. Clean up your room, mats and clothes on regular basis.

Get a Natural, Tested Anti-Scabies Product

Scabies infection has been found to be highly persistent and may show up back and again. In addition to your prescribed medication and home remedies, try applying a clinically proven product with natural ingredients for permanent elimination of scabies.

Dr. Scabies is one such product that is registered with FDA and has never been reported to have side effects. It treats your skin in a natural manner and enhances the impact of other natural remedies applied simultaneously. This effective anti-rabies product ensures complete prevention of infestation and makes the affected skin area smoother. 

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