How to Make Sure for the Infestation?

If it is about the contagious skin disorder, scabies is definitely the first one to come to your mind. However, before you start with the treatment, it is important to first ensure whether you are suffering from scabies or not. How? Read on to know more.

Suspected to scabies? Are you sure? Scabies is said to cause severe itching, rashes, redness of skin, and so on, but this never means every person dealing with similar symptoms is affected by scabies mite infestation. Have a look at a mother’s statement first,

‘Rochelle, my 12 year old child, was sent to an adventure trip last month. Well everything was going perfect and he returned with lots of memories and fun. We were quite happy, till the time we saw those red rashes on his hands. I asked him whether he ate something suspicious during his outing, to which he replied ‘no’. Overlooking the matter, I just applied anti- allergic cream. Things turn worst at night when Rochelle wasn’t able to sleep due to intense itching. We took him to the doctor next morning and then we came to know that he was infested with scabies. After a long treatment of 3 to 4 weeks, now he seems to be fine.’ ~Lara

Basically, scabies is an itchy skin infection caused by scabies mites, which burrow just under the surface of your skin. It is a very unpleasant skin disease which make you skin feel itchy, accompanied with sings such as red bumps or blisters on the skin. But the biggest problem with this disease is that it is often confused with other simple skin problems in the earlier stage. People overlook the problem for allergies, itching and other skin issues. And this leads to increase of severity of the disease.

Being highly contagious, it can happen to people of all ages, ranging from the small children to the elderly people. Similarly, caste, creed, color and gender don’t matter. Although, it is said to be mostly found in the areas with a poor economy, yet saying that it is constrained to poor communities will not be fair. Hence, you too can be infested. But yes, it is important to ensure beforehand. Below are listed some of the common symptoms which will help you assure whether you are suffering from scabies or not. Have a look:

  • Itching: It is one of the major symptoms of scabies. While itching can start at any time of the day, it often gets severe at night. Usually, it starts from one part of your body, often the hands and then spreads to the other areas as well. Also, even after a hot bath itching can increase up to great level. Remember, itching can occur at places where mites are present and not present.


  • Mite burrows: Have you observed those fine, dark, or silvery lines on you’re the loose skin? If yes, then chances are high that you are infested. These might be about 2-10 mm long and are often found in areas like fingers, inner surface of your wrists, and even your hands. But that’s not all certainly. Tunnels can be found anywhere.


  • Rashes: It often starts with itching, then forming the red rashes. After few days of infestation with scabies mites you might find some lumpy and blotchy red rashes over different parts. These are common to the hidden areas just like buttocks, armpits, inside of the thighs, parts of the tummy and around the nipples in women. Don’t confuse it with other skin conditions.


  • Scratching: It happens when due to intense itching the infested person causes damage to himself. The worst thing can be that the damaged skin becomes contaminated by other germs and bacteria. In such case, it might take longer period to cure scabies.

So, if you are suspecting any of these, visiting your doctors is recommended. Once you are sure, you need proper treatment, or better say, safe and natural treatment.

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