How to Plan Your Moisturizing Strategy to Ease Eczema?

Moisturizing is essential to ease the signs of eczema. From using to choosing a moisturizer, know how you can make the most of the moisturizers.

How to Plan Your Moisturizing Strategy to Ease Eczema

An excessively dry skin during eczema is a common problem which often comes with cracking and itching of the skin. There are several factors making your skin prone to extreme dryness such as low humidity, wind, cold temperature and using harsh and alcohol based soap. Therefore, it is essential to keep your skin moisturized to ease the eczema signs.

Here are the things you must bear in mind while moisturizing your skin:

  • Use  topical medications (if any) before applying a moisturizer
  • Apply the moisturizer immediately after taking bath to trap the moisture.
  • Use moisturizer before going to your bed at night.  
  • Prefer non-perfumed and colorless moisture.
  • Always choose non-perfumed and colorless moisture
  • Briskly rub the moisturizer between your palms and then apply it over other parts in downward motion. Avoid rubbing it in circular motion or frequent up and down.
  • Wash your hands before applying the moisturizer to avoid contamination.
  • Use moisturizer on your hand every time you wet them.
  • Apply moisturizer on your hands every time they come into contact with water.

Which Moisturizer You Must Choose for Your Eczema Skin?

There is plethora of moisturizers available at drugstore to choose from. But you must be particular about them if you have eczema. A right moisturizer will go with your skin type and provides efficient protection against dryness.


Ointments are the common type of moisturizer and are ideal for eczema affected skin. This is because they are high on the oil contents than other moisturizers. Besides, they are skin friendly and don’t make you feel a burning sensation. They can trap the moisture better. The suitable ointments types are petroleum jelly or those contain mineral oil.


Creams have the highest oil contents next to ointments. They lock the moisture inside the skin and are not greasy like ointments. However, you must choose the one compatible with your skin type.


Unlike ointments and creams, lotions have the less amount of oil while the water content is high. So, they evaporate quickly and contain preservatives that can irritate your broken skin.

Wet wraps:

Wet wraps are recommended to ease the severe signs of eczema. They are useful to keep the skin moist for most of the time while enhancing the efficiency of moisturizers with a cool soothing effect.

Consult your doctor if you have severe eczema before choosing the moisturizer.

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