How to Prepare Bleach Bath for Eczema at Home


Here is the recipe of bleach bath and how it can soothe your eczema.)

Hot water and bubble bath may not be enjoying for people with eczema. This causes opposite effect in the form of dry and scaly skin with red patches. Eczema, an itchy skin condition, has affected nearly 28 million Americans. Although eczema is not curable, the symptoms can be managed with medications and self-care tips.

And bleach bath is one of those self-care tips for eczema. It is clinically approved treatment which reduces inflammation and the amount of bacteria on the skin, which can cause skin infections.

(Note: If you are sensitive to bleach or have allergic asthma, please contact your physician before taking bleach bath.)

Here’s how you can prepare bleach bath for eczema at home.

STEP: 1: Add Bleach to Warm Water Bathtub:

Add ¼ cup or 59 ml to ½ cup or 118 ml of bleach to a 40 gallon (about 151 liter) bathtub filled with warm water. Use household bleach. However, use less than ½ cup of bleach if the bleach contains 6 percent to 8.25 percent sodium hypochlorite (read the label). Avoid adding other chemical products like shampoo or soap to the bath.

(Note: Bleach should be added when the water is lukewarm.)


Stir bleach well with the water.


Soak from the neck down or just the affected areas of skin for about 10 minutes.Don’t submerge your head in water during the bleach bath; keep the water away from the eyes.

After soaking the skin, rinse off the areas with clean warm water.


Once you are done, get out of the tub and pat dry with a towel.


Make sure to apply the moisturizer within 3 minutes to lock the moisture.


Precautions to Keep in Mind While Taking Bleach Bath:

  • Talk to your doctor before using bleach bath if you have sensitive skin or allergy to chlorine.
  • Don’t use bleach bath for excessive dry or cracked skin. Make sure to talk to your doctor about that.
  • Always use diluted form of bleach. Concentrated bleach can cause burning sensation.
  • Don’t add more bleach than the mentioned percentage (1/2 cup of bleach per 40 gallon water) as it can burn your skin.
  • Consult doctor before giving your kid a bleach bath.
  • Take bleach bath no more than 3 times a week. Excessive bleach bathing can dry up the skin.
  • Avoid bleach bath if you have asthma. Getting the smell of bleach can aggravate asthma symptom flare-up. Make sure to take bleach bath in the bathroom having a window or proper ventilation. This is important as prolonged exposure to the smell of bleach can irritate your respiratory system.
  • Consult your doctor if you are taking skin thinning medications or cosmetic like anti-aging retinol, topical corticosteroids, or prescription blood thinners.
  • Avoid taking bleach baths if you have bleeding cut or wound on the area of the body that you are soaking.

So these are the benefits of bleach bath in eczema. To have a safe bleach bath, make sure to measure the bleach out carefully, rinsing your skin afterward and use a quality moisturizer. Or it is better if you take bleach bath according to the guidelines or your doctor’s instructions to avoid potential side-effects.

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