How to prevent infestation from scabies diseased?

How to prevent infestation from scabies diseased?

When it comes to scabies, the first thing which strikes one’s mind is that this disorder is highly ‘contagious’. This means, coming into contact with an infected person can cause infestation to a healthy body. But, this never means that the diseased need to be isolated from the world entirely. Find out how you can prevent the spread of scabies mites.

“Elis was out for a week or two for her summer camp. There she has to stay in the camp station with different types of children from different regions. After returning home, approximately the third day, she woke up with intense itching on her hands and arms. I asked her to take a warm water bath. But, what happened after that was really horrifying.

Her arms turned red and itching got severe. I thought it is a kind of allergy, which occurred few months back to her. And gave her an anti allergic (the same prescribed by our family doc earlier). I was with her complete day. There were no sign of improvement so I took her to the doctor. He examined her rashes and suspected scabies. After her tests, it was clear that she was infested. But, what was more terrible that I too got infected a week later.

Though I followed instructions completely and made Elis sleep alone and avoided direct contact with her, yet those tiny mites entered my skin.” ~ Kerry

This can happen to anyone! Yes, many of you might know that scabies is a contagious disease and thus people often avoid direct contact with the infected person for a long time. But, here is something very important they miss out, just like Kerry.

She didn’t sleep with her daughter, avoided skin contact and followed the prescription. What about the environs? Just like you, she wasn’t aware of the fact that these tiny bugs enters you skin through two modes.

What Are The Different Modes Of Transmission Of Scabies Mites?

First thing you need to learn is scabies mites live on their human host. But, yes they can survive about four to seven days off their host. Secondly, they can’t fly or jump from one body to another, but can easily transfer from one body to another. Hence, there are two modes of transmission:

  • Direct mode: Generally, when you come in direct and prolonged physical contact with an infected person, you are prone to scabies. It can be due to handshake, sleeping together or sexual intimacy with an infected person.


  • Indirect mode: As stated earlier, they can live off their host these mites can exist on the clothing, furniture, towel, etc. used by an infected person. And when you come into with these stuffs, you get closer to scabies mites and infection.

It was the second mode, which caused scabies to Kerry! Another thing you need to learn here is that it can take up to three weeks for symptoms to appear. And by that time mites have successfully created burrows.

How can scabies be prevented?

  1. Educate Family Members: It is highly important to alarm everyone in the family in advance. And if anyone notice any signs of the scabies, make sure you visit the doctor same day. Educate them about the major signs and symptoms of the disease too.


  2. Regular Washing: Whether you’re the patient or a family member, you need to maintain high hygiene. Use clean water and an antiseptic soap (anti- scabies preferable) to clean the whole body, especially your hands and arms repeatedly during the day.


  3. Appropriate Laundry: When someone is suffering from this mite infestation, you need to pay greater attention to the laundry well. Wash the infected person’s clothes separately in warm water and antiseptic lotion. Keep their attires, towel, socks, bed sheets, etc separate.

Also, it is advised to keep other belongings of the diseased need to be washed daily and dried in high temperature. For the accessories, make sure you keep them in sun to dry.

Hence, you need to remember avoiding direct contact with the infected person prevents scabies. But, you cannot escape from the fact that there is a lot you need to pay attention. Follow the afore-stated tips and keep your family safe!

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