How to Prevent Jock Itch

Getting jock itch is not a joke. It can torment your life with itchy and red rashes. Learn here how to treat it at home and prevent its changes of coming back as well.

According to one survey, nearly seven million OTC jock itch products were sold in the USA. It simply means that jock itch is one of the common skin conditions in the USA.

Despite being a common skin condition, jock itch or tinea crurisis quite tormenting. As a patient, you experience itchy, red and ring shaped rashes in groin area. This is why it is called the Ringworm of the Groin. Once you get it treated, there are still some chances that it can come back. Anything that promotes the thriving environment of the responsible fungus puts the person at the risk of jock itch. Men are more prone to this skin condition than women.

Fret not! There are many simple precautions help prevent jock itch from coming back. All you need to keep yourself dry and stick to your self-care regimen. Here is how…

But it is treatable with an easy self-care regimen. Here we have given the points to keep in mind to treat and prevent the jock itch from coming back.

Keep Yourself Dry:

Fungal infection thrives in moist environment in the areas like genital and groin. These areas are likely to get moist after workout and showering. Aim to keep these areas dry. Use a clean towel to dry them.You can use talcum powder around you groin area to keep the moisture in control. Make sure to wear the undergarments that are properly dried.

Wear Clean Clothes:

Wearing clean clothes also help prevent jock itch from coming back. Change your clothes every day, especially after workout or the activities causing sweat. Wearing sweaty clothes for longer create moisture in the groin area, thereby triggering the fungus growth over there.

Consider Wearing Loose Garments:

Consider wearing loose garments to let your skin breath. Unlike tight clothes, they don’t cause irritation or rubbing to your skin. Minimize the use of fabrics like wool, spandex, polyster, rayon and acrylic as they sit close to the skin.

Avoid Sharing Your Belongings:

If you are living with the person having jock itch, never use his bedding and clothing and don’t let him to use your belongings. Jock itch can spread to anyone from infected person. However, if you have to use their clothes or bedding, make sure to wash them with hot water and detergent.

Be Extra Careful If You Have Athlete’s Foot:

The infection of athlete’s foot can reach to your groin area. How? If you scratch the itch and then touch your groin, the infection can transfer to that area. It can also spread to the groin or other parts of the body via contaminated sheets or clothing.

Therefore, keep these things in mind…

  • Wash your hands before and after handling the affected area.
  • Put on shoes or sandals while walking around the infection prone areas like pools, locker areas, hotel rooms and gyms.
  • Make sure to keep your feet clean and dry.
  • Wear the socks of natural fabrics like cotton.

Use Topical Anti-fungal Cream:

Always use the medications as prescribed by your doctor. Use them till you are advised for doing so. Leaving the treatment in the middle may lead to complications.

Avoid Scratching the Area:

This is the top reason why you are not getting rid of jock itch. It damages the skin, thereby aggravating the skin condition.

So these are the steps to keep the re-occurrence of jock itch at a bay.

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