How to Stay Positive When Scabies Get You Down


Scabies can disturb your life and cost you a peace of mind. Don’t worry! Pick yourself up with these things to stay positive.)

The impact of debilitating scabies signs like itch and rashes goes beyond the skin.

Simply put, scabies also affects the emotional health of the patient. After all, apart from tolerating itch and rashes, they have to practice isolation to spread the infestation. They have to miss their schools or work.

Above all, sometimes scabies treatment doesn’t work, requiring you to be prescribed for advance level of medications.

This vicious scabies phase is definitely stressful and may lead to signs like breakout, anger, peevishness and negativity.

While medication only treats your skin, you need positive thinking to pump up yourself and feel hopeful.

And that’s not too difficult. Here’s how…

Pen It:

Beyond the actual stress of what your treatment means for your future, there are other things to be factored in, like how your perception of yourself changes. Writing your feeling or experiences down is a great way to work through these feelings. Besides, it will keep you aware of your current situation. Make sure to write a daily list of itching and every pain, but if something new occurs it shouldn’t be difficult to record it so you can give your physician a precise timeline of your suffering.

Fall in Love with Yourself:

Well, this is an extremely important thing to do when scabies medication and symptoms are testing your patience level. Self-care shouldn’t be skimped. Play video games, read comics, listen to music, search internet for how to get well, do meditation and talk to your friends over the phone, if you are not able to meet and greet people. Don’t be harsh on yourself. Keep in mind that it is okay to fall sick but not normal to cry over it.

Don’t Think “Why Me”:

It is obvious to curse your fate while going through the traumatic scabies itch. But that will add to your woes. Remember, you are not alone as 400 million people have scabies worldwide. You are not unique to catch this disease. Like we have said in the previous point, it is okay to fall ill. Try to remind yourself that pain is the part of a daily life and feel grateful for the low pain day you have had before scabies. If life is not amazing, it is not “horrible” either. Appreciate yourself for small victories like feeling less itch and getting relief.

Look at the Bright Side:

Look at the beautiful things around you. It can be the flowers blossomed in your lawn or the wonderful artwork hung at that wall. Flip the family photograph album to walk down the memory lane. Or see the lovely sun of the summers. The point is here that when you look at beautiful thing, you start feeling positive.Laugh:

What about watching funny movies? It will not only keep you amused, but also distract your mind of pain. Laughter is the best remedy. It releases happy chemicals into your bloodstream and uplifts your spirits as well. You get a reason to live. You find something to look forward to.

Bottom Line:


So this is how you can find the bright side while coping with scabies. It will give you strength to overcome your disease. Above all, accept the truth that scabies is contagious disease while it takes you several weeks to overcome it.

What do you think? How do you fight negative things caused by scabies? Let us know by commenting below. All the best!

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