How to strengthen your immune system to fight scabies?

How to strengthen your immune system to fight scabies?

Immune system is like the body’s personal troops for shooting off any unwanted intruder troubling the body. A strong immune system can easily kick off minor infections and diseases and keep you fit and healthy. But for a body with impaired immune system a common cold can even turn into deadly pneumonia.

Similarly, scabies is also a skin infection which can easily affect people with a weak immune system which may reach serious stage of the disease resulting in Norwegian/crusted scabies.

Boosting up the immune system can help the body to fight off external bacteria or virus triggering the body. 

Following are some tips to strengthen the immune system. 

  1. Good amount of sleep is must

    If you get tired easily, stressed out or overworked then your body is inviting scabies to thrive inside it. For immune system to work properly, you need a sleep and relaxation to get back to your enthusiastic state. 

    The body produces HGH to heal and cure itself and for that you need a good deep sleep away from your gadgets.

    Tip! Don’t stay awake till late night and also take few breaks in between your work session. 


  2. Feed your immune system

    There are both medicinal and natural ways to boost your immune system. You can even take tonics and essential oils that can have a damaging and irritating effect on the mites. 

    Following are some supplements to boost your immune system and the production level of antibodies.


    • IP6 & Inositol 

      IP6 & Inositol is one of the most powerful immune boosters which have even been able to fight off cancer. IP6 is a phosphorylated form of inositol present in fiber-rich plant foods. IP6 can boost up the body’s immunity and pump up the cardiovascular health by increasing Natural Killer (NK) cells. 


    • Oregano oil

      Oregano oil is known for its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-allergen, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities.  Oregano Oil with active compound Carvacrol in the range 70-80% can disturb the mites’ growth and even destroy them. 


    • Turmeric

      Turmeric has been known for its healing and restorative properties since ancient times. A pinch of turmeric powder included in your veggies and pulses can act as an antiseptic for you. A paste formed consisting of spoonful of turmeric powder with lemon juice when applied over the affected area can agitate the scabies mites. Turmeric with neem powder is also a wondrous paste to treat scabies. 


    • Echinacea

      Echinacea has been in use since long for fighting off common cold, genital infections, malaria, typhoid etc. This herb’s leaves, roots and flowers have medicinal properties that can strengthen your immune system. 


      A balanced diet stuffed with all the essential minerals and vitamins can always keep the immune system healthy.  


  3. Exercise and Meditation is essential

    While exercise is must to keep your physical body hale and hearty, meditation can help in keeping your mind stress-free. 

    Since our lifestyles have become so hectic and full of stress that we don’t find time to relax and workout which is essential for a disease free body. 

    Although the fear of getting infested with the scabies mites is always dreadful but we cannot really ensure it doesn’t affect our bodies. The only way we can keep this infection away from us is by adopting a healthy lifestyle

    A good amount of workout that includes walk, stretches, yoga postures combined with few minutes of meditation can keep you fit and stress-free. 


    It is true that a strong immune system cannot totally eradicate the mites on its own but of course it can speed up the body’s recovery process.

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