How to Treat Household Items for Scabies

Scabies mites not only thrive on the human body. Sometimes, they spread to the items like clothes and furniture being come into the contact of the infected person. When someone in your house is being treated for scabies, it is important to clean your house to remove any mites and eggs. In other words, you should disinfect your house. Otherwise, the mites can find the host whenever the infected things are used by healthy individuals.

Wash All the Clothes That Was Recently Worn:

Wash all clothes that were recently worn. The patient’s clothes should be kept and washed separately. Unused clothes or the one kept inside a closed drawers or closet are not required to wash. Here are the tips to wash the clothes to kill scabies mites on them.

• Wash all clothes in a washing machine, using the hottest water as possible.
• Dry the clothes in a dryer, using the hot setting.
• You can also leave the clothes, towel and sheets in a drawer. This is because the mites can’t live more than 2 days without finding human bodies. To be on the safe side, leave the clothing alone for 4-7 days. If you don’t want to wait for more days, just treat it I the dryer. However, the clothes of a patient should be washed and dry properly.

Tip: Use disinfectant like bleach while washing the clothes. Add 1 tbsp. of bleach for every 1 gallon (3.8 l) of cold water. Pour that solution directly to a bleach dispenser of your washer or to directly to the drum lacking bleach dispenser. Prefer chlorine bleach for white items while an all fabric-bleach is idle for colored items.

Disinfecting Rugs and Furniture:

Use vacuum cleaner to remove mites and eggs from carpets and furniture. Make sure to vacuum couches, chairs, curtains and box springs properly.

Spray Dr. Repellent on the surfaces of furniture and open spaces. The strong disinfecting formula will kill all scabies and germs on the surface.


Mattress has an ideal temperature for the mites. It provides both safety and food to the mites. All of the dead skin cells that slough off onto the mattresses nourish the mites till they find their next human host.

Top of that, mattress can’t be machine washed or dried to remove the bugs.

Don’t worry! There are several ways you can use to disinfect your mattress from scabies.

First of all, place a zippered mattress encasement over your bed.

• Spray both sides of the mattress with permethrin spray or Dr. Repellent. Don’t let anyone touch the mattress until the spray has dried.
• Vacuum both sides of the mattress. The bed should be vacuumed every 3 days until the scabies is gone.
• Place a plastic under sheet or use a zippered mattress encasement. It will prevent the mites and their eggs contacting the mattress.

Repeat the process every two weeks until the scabies infestation is gone as confirmed by the doctor.

Bottom Line:

Your household items also require scabies disinfection. After all, they are likely to come into the contact of infected person. With the small steps given above, there will be a peace of mind that you have done your best to eliminate the scabies mites. One more thing, follow other precautions which are given below:

• Keep the scabies patient in isolation till the infestation is cleared.
• The medication should be applied as per the doctor’s instructions.
• Avoid prolonged physical contact with the patient.
• See your doctor to see if you are infected as it takes up to several months after being infested even without symptoms.

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