How to Treat Scabies during Pregnancy?

How to Treat Scabies during Pregnancy?

Scabies is an itchy skin condition caused due to the human itch mite and can occur to anybody irrespective of religion, place or gender. Scabies is also found to occur in pregnant women and therefore, it becomes must to treat it. Pregnant women can experience rashes, irritation accompanied by red marks over the skin.

There are many over the counter drugs and natural remedies for treatment of scabies in women. The following article discusses the ways of treatment for pregnant women.

Although it is common to experience rashes during pregnancy due weather, dry skin, or allergic outbreaks but if the rash itches excessively, so it is a possibility of scabies infestation. In such a situation, its best to consult a doctor and start with the treatment in time before the itching gets worse and develop into a complicated skin condition.

Causes of scabies in pregnant women

Pregnant women can get infested with scabies if they come in skin-to-skin contact with an infected person. Pregnant women are more likely to catch infection when their partner is already infested with scabies. The other way they can get infected is due to sharing of contaminated items like clothes, towel, and bedding with the infected person.

Treatment of scabies

There are various drugs that can help pregnant women to get rid of this skin condition. But it’s always advisable for pregnant women to consult a doctor to ensure the medicine would be safe for you without causing any side-effects. The following are some of the medicines which can be used to treat scabies during pregnancy:


5% permethrin is generally the first medicine prescribed by doctors for treatment of scabies. Apply the cream from neck to toe before going to bed. Leave it for 12 hours and then rinse your body with warm water. It is advised to do this procedure just once in a week.


It is an oral medicine which can kill the scabies mites and effectively eradicate them from your body. It’s advisable for pregnant women to consult a dermatologist before its use.


Sulfur is usually applied in the form of ointment or cream for treating the scabies infestation. Sulfur has been in use since long and is famous for its effectiveness to kill the mites. It is safe for use in pregnant women but should be applied only after the recommendation of the doctor. Dr Scabies is an over the counter drug for treatment of scabies. It contains Sulfur and other natural extracts which help to kill scabies mites without causing any side-effects.


This is another option to treat scabies in pregnant women. Although this medicine has been approved to be used in adults, but are not safe in children.

Natural Remedies to treat scabies

There are many natural ways to treat scabies to avoid the chemical reactions from drugs and other chemical based creams. Natural products are free of chemicals and therefore will have no side effects on the skin.

Tea tree oil is a natural and effective remedy for treating this skin disease. Make sure you apply tea tree oil along with carrier oil else it can be irritating or harmful to the skin. The oil will soothe the itching and also destroy the mites.

Neem oil is also a natural alternative to cure scabies. It has to apply all over the body from the neck to toes and left for sometimes.

In case, you don’t find any change in the condition, its best to consult the dermatologist for further treatment.

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