How To Treat Scabies In Pregnancy?

The biggest problem with contagious skin diseases, scabies, is that it can be transmitted through close physical contact with an infected person. That’s not all. If you get in touch with contaminated clothing, towel, furniture, or even a bed linen, chances are that these mites make their way to your body. This means if you are pregnant and are visiting a hospital for routine checkup, you must be very careful.

Yes, even a pregnant woman can get infested with those tiny mites, and the problem can be little more complicated for them. A user complained,

“I have deveolped a severe itchy skin and am 22 weeks pregnant. I have been to a gynae a dermotologist and pharmacist who have told me it could either be hormonal or scabies. All the scabie tretments are forbidden in pregnancy. There is a risk involved and neither want to perscribe me the medication. The itch becomes worse at night and is intolerable. There must be a product that is safe to use during pregnancy, that will treat for scabies. I am desperate and have spent weeks on the internet searching for releif. PLEASE HELP. They have all told me there is nothing they can do and I would just have to suffer. This cannot be the answer surely!”

Having a global prevalence of about 300 million cases per year it is one of the most neglected tropical diseases. It is said to be caused when a species of mite, Sarcoptes scabiei, forms burrows under your skin surface. Their presence results into inflammation and itching. Usually, most people suffering from scabies are infested with 12 mitesapproximately. However,the number can be in thousands for patients with crusted scabies.

How to diagnose scabies infestation?

While the condition is said to be diagnosed easily from the symptoms, as you are pregnant it will be important for you to get it diagnosed at the earliest. For this, the medical practitioner might advise you for methods for diagnosis including microscopic examination of scrapings. Some also suggest application of Tetracycline to the area, followed by an examination of skin under light to detect the burrows. And once you have been detected with scabies, it is essential to work on the treatment.

How to treat scabies safely and efficiently?

You cannot overlook this contagious skin problem. And in pregnancy you cannot take the risk to delay it at all. For this you need a product which can provide the best treatment regimen and is completely safe to use. It is here when you can trust on a reputed, homeopathic solution- Dr. Scabies®. It is widely known to treat scabies in a natural way.

Homeopathic Pharmacopoiea of United States (HPUS) has approved,recognized, and officially monographed ‘Sulfur’ for the treatment of scabies infestation. Therefore, the main ingredient of Dr. Scabiesis Sulfur which it helpsyou get rid of mites completely. Manufactured as per the standards of safety and efficacy, this product turns out to be a powerful medicinal solution for treating the ailment and consequences which come along.

Why trust Dr. Scabies for treatment?

As stated earlier, Dr. Scabies is a fast-acting solution to combat itch mite. Along this, it also provides ease and comfort from itchiness and treat scabies infections. With endless number of satisfied customers, it is best known for quality and safety. Not only treats the problem from roots but also stops their progression and recursion. So you can trust it for efficient results.

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