How to Treat Scabies Itch?

How to Treat Scabies Itch?

Scabies is a highly contagious and annoying skin ailment. The reason why it is very annoying is the itching that it causes on the patient’s body. The itching is caused when the scabies mites burrow into the skin of the patient. It is said that the itching is very severe at night making the person feel discomfort.

So, here are a few simple ways to treat scabies itch before and after the treatment. Have a look.

  • Shower in cold instead of hot water

    The burning showers can make you itch worse because excessively hot water irritates the skin by making it dry quickly. But, if you take bathe in cold water, it’ll help you soothe your skin and keep the natural balance of oils intact.

    If cold water shower makes you feel uncomfortable, start out warm and gradually decrease the temperature until it becomes bearable to you. This will greatly help you relief from that irritating and painful itching.

  • Take an Epsom salt bath.

    Another great soaking option for the itch is to take an Epsom salt bath. Epsom salts is capable of reducing inflammation and helps keep mineral contents in check. With epsom salt, you can freely bath in the hot water as the heat will help the salts to absorb into your skin better. Make sure to rinse off in cold water after your bath to keep your skin comfortable.

  • Use Caladryl lotion

    Caladryl lotion is a very effective itch reducer. Caladryl has been used for generations to treat all kinds of itchiness. It is a far better option than those moisturizers or anti-itch lotion that people often use today. Simply, apply the lotion twice a day after bathing and see the immediate results.

  • Dr. Scabies Cream

    Yet another very effective solution to treat your scabies itch is the Dr. Scabies cream. Dr. Scabies not only will relieve you from scabies itch, but will also kill those monsters and treat your scabies completely. It contains sulfur as the prime ingredient as sulfur is believed to be good for our skin. Applying Dr. Scabies 3-4 times a day over clean and dry skin is very effective to treat that itching all over th body.


  • Wear the right materials.

    If you want to keep itching at bay, Clothing plays an important role. It’s hard not to become sensitive to what materials affect your skin when you’re affected by Scabies. SO, avoid wearing clothes like

    Any type of new clothes as they often have additives, such as formaldehyde, on them to avoid creasing,

    • Latex

    • Wool

    • Overly tight clothes

    Instead, you can wear clothes of materials like

    • Cotton

    • Dye free / perfume free

    • Silk

    • Linen

    • Loose clothing


  • Stay cool

    Keep a distance from hot and muggy environments.

Sticky and sweaty = itchy.

Don’t stay in hot area. Turn on your AC if it’s hot. Take a cool shower if you’re hot. Do what you can to keep your skin at a comfortable temperature at all times.

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