How to Treat Scabies Naturally During Pregnancy?

How to Treat Scabies Naturally During Pregnancy?

What is Scabies?

Scabies is caused when a species of mite – Sarcoptes scabiei. These microscopic monsters burrow under the skin that leads to inflammation and itching. Usually, most people with scabies contracts the infestation with 12 mites approx., but in more severe case like patients with crusted scabies (aggressive form), can be infected with thousands.

Typically, an infected individual presents within 2 to 6 weeks after the early infestation with intense pruritus that is worse with heat, plus at night when the female is more active. Body parts that are commonly affected by the scabies include the flexor surfaces of the wrist, the webs between the fingers, axillae, waist, feet and ankles. The face, neck, palms, scalp and soles can also be involved in infants and small children. However, in the tropics both children and adults may have these areas affected. For this reason, Scabies may be difficult to differentiate from other types of skin disorders such as contact dermatitis, eczema, folliculitis or psoriasis. Severe pruritus that is worse at night however spares the head and neck makes the diagnosis of scabies more likely.

The elderly, malnourished and immune deficient is particularly susceptible to crusted scabies. Crusted scabies is characterized by crusts of skin that hold plentiful amounts of mites and eggs. This form of scabies is more contagious due to the sheer number of mites. In this form of scabies, it is possible to spread mites through clothes and linens. It is recommended that people with crusted scabies see their doctor immediately. They will need to be treated quickly in order to avert an outbreak. Hence, pregnant women should take special care.

Scabies, although more prevalent in kids, can contract in any age group. Although not expected during pregnancy, pregnant women often want to know how to treat scabies during pregnancy.

Scabies is although not considered a life-threatening condition; however the infestation can be extremely uncomfortable. A correct diagnosis and treatment is necessary. The selection of an appropriate agent in pregnancy should be based on safety and efficacy.

Treating Scabies Naturally During Pregnancy

If you contract scabies during pregnancy, be a more careful and safe. Although, infestation will not affect your fetus, still you need to be more cautious in diagnosis and treatment. Talk to your doctor about your options as there are no recommended natural treatments for scabies, especially during pregnancy.

How to Treat Scabies When the Natural Way Doesn’t Work?

You should try to avoid getting scabies, although it is difficult if you are in contact with someone who is infected, during pregnancy.

Scabies is easily transferred through contact with skin and sexual intercourse. Plus, in some exceptional cases, clothes and linens can also carry the mites for infestation. If you suspect any of your family members to have scabies, contact your doctor immediately. Due to the ease of transmission and retransmission, all house members and sexual partners of the infected patient must be treated as well.

Most pregnant women will be treated topically with permethrin. Your doctor may suggest other treatments including benzyl benzoate 25%, crotamiton, or malathion 0.5%. All of these treatments are topical.

Although Lindane 1% is effective for the treatment of scabies, it is not recommended during pregnancy because of the dermal absorption and the threat of convulsions. Although, there are no published reports or evidences of these toxicities or of congenital defects with the use of Lindane in pregnancy, it should be avoided in pregnant women. Another medication to be avoided during pregnancy is Ivermectin.

The best and the safest medication that can be used by the pregnant women also is undoubtedly Dr. Scabies as it is completely natural, safe and effective. It is a topical cream and does not have any side effect even during pregnancy.

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