How to treat scabies over the counter?

How to treat scabies over the counter?

Scabies is a skin infestation which results into intense itchiness all over the body. There are many over the counter drugs available for the treatment of scabies. The following article includes some of those products which are safe for the scabies treatment and don’t cause any side-effects.


Despite many safe over-the –counter products, it is recommended that you consult your GP before you start the medication. This is just to be sure of the root cause of the infection and secondly to know if those drugs would suit to your skin type or not.

There are many creams, lotions and solutions to disinfect your body and kill the scabies mites. Mild steroid creams, calamine lotion and oral antihistamines can control the intense itchiness and help you to sleep. These medicines are easily available over the counter at a nearby pharmacy. But you should know that most of these drugs can result into drowsiness, so you should apply them before you go to bed or are at home. Driving or doing heavy physical work can prove harmful after applying these medicines.

#Creams and lotions

There are many over the counter creams and lotions available in the market which can kill the scabies mite. Permethrin is the major ingredient in most of the scabies treatment creams. Permethrin is usually the first recommendation by the doctors when anyone is diagnosed with scabies because it is said to have insecticides which can kill the mites. If the permethrin cream fails to work, then doctors usually recommend Malathion lotion which is also an insecticide to destroy the scabies mite.

  • Dr Scabies Cream is also one of the popular recommendations by the doctor which is even available over the counter as it doesn’t cause any harmful effects. It contains natural ingredients extracted from the plant oils that can disinfect and heal lesions caused by the mites. 
  • The major ingredients of this cream are Sulphur, vitamin E, chamomile, sesame, soy bean and palm. 
  • It can fight off the scabies mites at all stages and can even treat the bacterial infection which is resulted due to the complication of the disease.  

Directions for use:

Before applying, make sure your skin is clean. Then apply it over the affected area at least once in a day. In case of irritation consult your GP.

# Soaps

Since only creams and lotions cannot hamper the growth of scabies mites, so doctors generally recommend a mixture of medicines, creams, soaps and sometimes disinfecting solutions.

This is required so as to eliminate any possibility of multiplication of the mites. There are many over-the counter soaps which can be used while bathing other than the normal soap.

  • Dr. Scabies Soap is made up from sulphur, cedar leaf oil and extracts of cucumber and green tea as well which can disinfect and sanitize your body.
  • These ingredients and are not harsh on the skin and work to reduce the itch and the inflammation caused due to the mites.

Directions for use:

For effective results use this soap for 1-2 daily for at least 10 days. In case you experience reaction or irritation then consult your GP.

How to use these OTC drugs?

When anybody in the house is diagnosed with scabies then it becomes mandatory to treat everyone else as well. Also the sexual partners of the person diagnosed with scabies are to be treated with equal intensity as the person is being treated.

While there are many medicines that can help you in fighting the scabies mite but there are some proper ways which can help in faster treatment of the disease.

  • This is basic point that has to remember for applying any skin cream. Your skin should be completely clean and dry when you are going to apply any cream or lotion. Never apply the lotion or cream after a hot water bath.
  • You should apply the cream at all body parts irrespective of the part which is affected. Make sure the lotion and cream is applied properly between the fingers, toes, area under the nails, skin folds and also the genital areas. 
  • Pregnant, breast-feeding women and infants should never use these OTC drugs without the doctor’s recommendation. 
  • A Follow-up is necessary after a week to make sure the treatment is working or not. Else, you need to switch to higher doses or change the medication. 

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