How to Treat Scabies?

Scabies can be completely treated and eradicated from the body of the infested patient forever. That said – this is only possible if the right treatment is chosen for eradication of mites who just don’t seem to give up.

If you are one of those people who depend on your neighborhood friendly chemist to suggest a tube for a rash and other such ailments, then you might want to read on more carefully.

The moment you are detected for scabies, your first reaction will be to pick up the first tube over the counter for it. Read carefully if that tube contains Permethrin, you could be inviting more trouble than relief. Permethrin is a pesticide that has harmful side effects and in some cases is known to be ineffective against scabies mites. The same holds true for various other creams that promise overnight results.

There’re even companies that sell general purpose creams as scabies creams!

Go for a natural remedy

Before you let all hell break loose, go check our Dr. Scabies and see what people have to say about it. The company has been researching this product for many years.  It has been launched worldwide with 100% confidence and has all the approvals it needed from the concerned regulatory bodies including the FDA.

Why Dr. Scabies?

Don’t buy it because we asked you to do so. Decide between a product that exposes your body to a pesticide and a product that is loaded with natural ingredients and does not harm you in anyway.

Manufacturer’s confidence actually springs from a survey that they did on a thousand people all over New York.

These subjects used Dr. Scabies soap, solution and cream for a fortnight.

Their clothes and linen were sterilized.

The results were shocking and promising at the same time – 97% subjects were completely cured of scabies in a fortnight or less. However, you have a right to question about the 3%! They were not cured because either they did not report back or did not follow the treatment regime strictly.

Beat the bug

If you are determined to beat the bug, the target can be eliminated in three days flat. At least to a point that you no longer have to spend a sleepless point!  

Dr. Scabies can also cure patients who failed to get any success by using a Permethrin based cream. Even the worst cases will get better in two weeks at the most, by using Dr. Scabies cream.

Protect your family

You will be able to get rid of the parasite only if you stand united as a family and follow the plan of action strictly. Do not blame each other. It’s not due to lack of hygiene.

Just make sure that rest of the family and pets are protected from infection. We suggest that you buy a pack of Dr. Scabies creams, solutions and soaps for the family and treat everybody at par. That way, the bug will not get a host; it will be eradicated forever from your household. 

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