How To Use Dr. Scabies Treatment Kit Effectively

Dr. Scabies vouches on the effectiveness of its core ingredient Sulfur against Scabies mites. The whole range of products from Dr.Scabies is completely safe and effective against Scabies infection. Doctors all over the world are now recommending this treatment for quick relief from scabies as it’s the only product in the market that’s both safe and effective.

In order to be fully cured, scabied patients must follow the medicine regime as follows –

1. Patients should take a bath with warm water at a temperature of 98 degrees to 104 degrees. They should only use Dr.Scabies liquid soap, at least twice a day. After working a good lather the body should be rinsed.

2. Now fill up a bath tub with warm water and add almost ten to twelve drops of Dr.Scabies solution to almost ten liters of water. Now soak the infected parts in this water for at least 20 minutes and let them air dry.

3. After the bath, a patient should apply Dr.Scabies at all infected spots ad repeat the application at least twice or thrice a day. Avoid getting the cream in the eyes or the mouth.

4. The cream should only be removed with the help of Dr.Scabies liquid soap. It is important that the patient wears a fresh pair of clothing after this procedure. The linen of his bedding also needs to be changed.

5. These steps of the treatment need to be carried out repeatedly for a period of fourteen to twenty days, until a patient is completely rid of the infection.

Make sure you order Dr Scabies products at the official websites only. There aren’t copycats on the Internet right now but some drug stores may try selling off creams that look like Dr Scabies.

Dr scabies kills scabies mites

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