I Don’t Know Why My Perineal Areas Itch Too Much in Night

Last year, when I went to my Dr. for regular check-up, I saw a case. A patient came to visit the doctor for scabies consultancy. He told the doctor that he was facing the problem of severe itching in his perineal areas, especially at nights. He was afraid whether he had scabies?

The doctor while examining the person explained about scabies and its symptoms. The doctor explained:

Perineal itching or rashes can be caused by a number of reasons and can be felt on any part of the male or female genital area. If the itching is severe, especially in night and /or mild all the day, there’s a possibility of scabies infection to the person. If you have any such problem, you should immediately see your doctor for a diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

How to further diagnose for scabies in such case?

This isn’t possible to say whether the person suffering from intense itching has scabies. One should wait for 2- days or a week till he/she face any other issue.

What symptoms prove, “it to be Scabies”?

Scabies is a skin infestation caused due to scabies mites. These tiny mites burrow in the skin and causes intense itching, especially at night. They lay their eggs that hatch in about 4 days after fertilization and develop into adults within 1 week.

The first signs of scabies appear as tiny red dots, which look like acne or tiny bites. Be cautious however, as scabies may show different signs in different individuals. If you have slightest doubts about some itching sensations signaling scabies infection, make it a point to investigate it further! Rashes will most certainly appear in some time but there is no point waiting for that if you can detect and fight off the mites while they have just begun tunneling through your outer skin layer.

To further identify the disease, check whether you possess these symptoms:

  • Mite Tunnels

    They are about 2-10 mm long and appear as visible, dark silvery lines on the top layer of the skin. They are prone to grow in the loose skin between the fingers, the hands, perineal areas, armpits, back, and the inner surface of the wrists.

  • Itching

    Itching is the first symptom that a scabies affectant face. This is usually very severe and often begins from a single place and spreads to other areas of the skin, later. Itching worsens at night and even after hot baths.

  • Rash

    In case of scabies, rashes often follow itching. The rashes are typically characterized by blemishes, lumpy red patches that appear anywhere on the body.

  • Scratching

    Intense itching leads to scratching that can lead to minor skin damages. This in turn becomes vulnerable to further bacterial infection that turns red, hot, and inflated.

Important Recommendations

  • Whether you’re sure about having scabies or are still waiting for the symptoms to occur, do not make any sexual intercourse with your partner or any other person as there might be a possibility of the disease transmission. 
  • If the disease is diagnosed, use a topical ointment that can be applied easily on the genital areas also.
  • Before applying the ointment, wash or clean the perineal-rectal areas.
  • It is highly recommended that the affectant takes duly tested and approved products. They should be natural and safe.

So, if your Perineal areas itch too much in night, wait for the symptoms to get a clear idea about the reason behind itching. If any of the above given symptoms matches that with yours, rush to the doctor immediately to treat scabies. Or else, diagnose the cause of itching.

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