I Have Got Some Red Bumps On My Arm. They Don’t Itch. Can it be Scabies?

Coming in personal contact primarily spreads Scabies with an infected person. But the first symptoms of the infection appear only after 4 to 6 weeks. Red bumps on your arms would not immediately point to a Scabies infection.

Let’s read more about this terribly disturbing disease –

1. The Symptoms

The first symptoms of Scabies do not appear immediately after contracting the infection. Imagine a scenario where you might be playing with a small child or with friends and on returning home notice bumps on your arms, then in all probability it’s not Scabies.

2. Intense itching

Scabies infection causes intense unbearable itching. The thought that a colony of parasites is crawling under your skin can be unbearable for some. The itching gets worse in the night once the body warms up and forces the individual to constantly scratch those areas.

3. Common areas of Infection

If red bumps go away in a day or so it was never Scabies. But if they are persistent, seek the advice of a doctor right away. The bites resemble small pimples and are commonly seen in the armpits, chest, between the fingers and genital areas.

4. Immediate Relief

You can get temporary relief from the itching by applying aloe vera on the bites or by taking a warm bath. Dr. Scabies is a scabicide made with natural ingredients that has been very effective against the eradication of the mites and their infection.

Dr scabies kills scabies mites

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