I have Scabies over my fingers only but the Physician asked me the massage the ointment over whole Body?

Scabies is a contagious skin infection which is caused by the scabies mite Sacroptes scabiei. The mite is microscopic in nature and is also called as the human itch mite. The easiest mode of mite transfer is through skin to skin contact. There are other modes of transfer of the mite as well such as through sharing of patient’s clothing or bedding.

The scabies mite needs human skin for survival where it can live for about two months. The mating takes place on the skin’s surface after which the females create burrows inside the dermis to lay eggs. After the hatching of eggs new mites are created and this cycle goes on till the mites are not destroyed completely by proper treatment.

If anybody who comes in contact of the impregnated female mite by simply brushing against the infested skin, sexual contact or coming in contact with anything that can be a site of infection such as patients’ belongings then the person is likely to develop scabies. The scabies mites are generally cream colored and are about 10-15 on a person infested with scabies.

The reason why scabies is widespread is the ease of transmission of the disease. It just takes direct skin contact which can easily happen in crowded conditions or living in the same household with the person infested with it. According to World Health Organization every year more than 300 million people get infested with scabies.

The most vulnerable people are the ones who stay in close vicinity of the person suffering from it therefore it is recommended for such people to immediately start the treatment.

Symptoms of scabies

The symptoms are generally seen four to six weeks after the person is infected from scabies.  The reason behind this is simple. The infection generally occurs through reaction with mites, saliva or the eggs which takes time to show effect on the body and symptoms to appear.

The itching is first experienced at face, neck, between the fingers, palm, wrist, armpits, and genitals. If you do not start with the treatment the infection worsens and itching converts to scratching and rashes. The itching is worst at night as the mites are most active during that time. Unremitting scratching of the infected area results into sores that are sites of transfer of infection.

Treatment of Scabies

Scabies treatment should start the very next moment you encounter a person suffering from scabies. It is never advisable to wait for signs and symptoms to occur and then think of the treatment.

Even do not ignore itching which may be due to some allergy but there is always a chance that it might be scabies.

Even if you experience itching at a particular part of the body but then also doctors recommend applying the lotion or the ointment over the whole body. The reason behind it is clear; it is very easy for the mites to spread to other parts of the body through your hands which will get infected after continuous itching at one part. This spreads the infection to the whole body. Since most treatments are done directly on the skin, therefore you will be asked to apply the ointment throughout the skin.

You should strictly adhere to the instructions of your doctor for killing the scabies mites else the mites continue to worsen your condition. Some of the common topical medicines that are recommended by American Academy of Dermatologists (AAD) are 5% permethrin cream, 10% sulfur ointment, and 10 % crotamiton cream.

Dr Scabies is a popular medicine that has been proved as an effective treatment for scabies. It is made from natural ingredients like soy & Jojoba Oils, Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil and Chamomile Extracts and therefore helps to treat scabies naturally.

Although the itching is worse during the first week but if you follow the treatment strictly and also take necessary precautions then you will start experiencing relief by second week and the mites will completely abandon the body by the end of fourth week.

If they still last that means that means something is wrong with your treatment and now you need a severe dose of treatment to eradicate the mites before they turn out to be hazardous.

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