I Have Small Blisters on My Skin, Is It Symptom of Scabies?

Itchy bumps of fluid formed in the skin are blisters and are most commonly caused when skin is damaged due to friction or heat. However, blisters can be symptoms of certain skin infections especially scabies. So, you have to be careful about such infections and immediately seek a doctor’s advice before the situation gets worse. There are several types of skin conditions, which cause itching and blisters; scabies is one of them. You must consult a doctor if you think you’re infected with scabies, but you must also know the following information about this itchy skin condition.

What is scabies?

It is a dermatologic condition caused by Sarcoptes scabiei, an eight-legged microscopic mite. The mites burrow into outer layers of human skin and lay eggs inside the skin. The infestation further leads to immense itching and rashes. The most common areas where these symptoms appear first are inner part of the wrist or between fingers or toes.

Early indicators of scabies

Following are the signs and symptoms, indicating scabies mites could be present and you need immediate medical care.

#1 Uncontrollable itching

You will feel uncontrollable itching on a particular spot or two. No matter how hard you try or how often you scratch, the urge to itch won’t go. The itching will worsen at night, and it’s the earliest sign of scabies. This is because the mites get more active at night time. Soon when the mites begin to grow and spread, you skin will start appearing red at the infected areas.

#2 Rashes and blisters

Soon rashes and blisters will start appearing on your skin. These bumps are nothing but tiny homes of the itchy mites. Under your skin the mites have laid eggs and formed burrows, where they dig and dig to more around, feeding on your skin. These red blisters are the locations where burrows are formed. Scabies mites mostly attack folded skin, inner part of wrists and skin between fingers and toes.

#3 Scratching

Scratching is due to intense itching, which can cause minor skin damage. In some cases the damaged skin even gets infected with germs and bacteria, leading to redness of skin, inflammation, etc.

#4 Aggravation of pre-existing skin condition

If you don’t take early care of your skin, the scabies might worsen. This would lead to other skin conditions, such as eczema or psoriasis. Scabies can be more difficult to diagnose in these situations too.

How is scabies treated?

Scabies is a curable skin condition. It can be treated with Permethrin cream that’s an insecticide to kill itchy mites. This is the best known treatment for scabies. If you’re allergic to scabies, then alternative Malathion lotion is prescribed to the infected person. Both the ointment and the lotion are easily available in pharmacies. You need to apply these medicaments for seven days, and reapply the same after the first application.

If you’ve itching and inflammation along with scabies, then Crotamiton cream or lotion and Hydrocortisone cream are prescribed respectively.

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