I have some rashes over my fingers, is that a symptom of Scabies?

Well, saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ at this moment can lead you to severe problem in future. Undoubtedly, rashes are the first symptoms of the contagious diseases, yet every ‘rash’ doesn’t point towards it. You will understand it better with these two examples:

  • ‘Elisa, a 23 year old girl was hospitalized due to a fracture. She was allowed to go home in 4 to 5 days. After her return from the hospital, about two weeks later, she started feeling intense itching at night. Gradually, it continued to her days too. In a day or two, red rashes started appearing and itching was turning severe. She visited her doctor and it was found that she has been infested by the scabies mites.’
  • ‘Adrell spotted some pimple like spots and rashes on the belly and inner parts of her three year old son. Actually, he was going to a baby day care. Thus, her first fear was ‘Scabies’. Very next day, she took the boy to the doctor for checkup. Luckily, all was well and it wasn’t scabies!’

Stating these two examples here meant to explain that having rashes doesn’t imply that you have scabies. But, there is a probability of having it too. To have a clear idea of this, you need to learn a little more about scabies and scabies rash. Read out it here:

What are Scabies mites?

The scabies mites or Sarcoptes scabiei is a microscopic parasite organism, which burrows deep inside the human skin and cause inflammation, intense itching and awful rashes. Besides, a number of later symptoms like crusts, pustules, blisters, nodules, etc. too are caused due to the presence of these tiny mites. These symptoms are developed by scabies mites due to the allergic reactions triggered by the mite’s eggs and feces, which are highly toxic to the human body. Rashes are the first symptom to occur when a person is suffering from scabies. But, even this occurs after few days or a week of contamination. These parasitic mites can cause rashes, which are very persistent and last for up to several weeks. With the passage of time, you skin will start feeling itchy. Other early symptoms include red bumps and blisters on the skin.

What are Scabies rashes?

The best way to identify the scabies rash is to check whether it is accompanied with other symptoms of scabies or not. For example, if a persistent rash occurs with intense itching, which doesn’t seem to ease up, it can be an infestation with scabies mites. Generally, it is characterized through itching and soreness, which intensify greatly at night. Along this, the scabies rashes turn more irritating after having a hot shower or bath. Also, if your skin start appealing blistery and scratched or you spot few small burrows on the surface of the skin, it is high time to get checked thoroughly. Yes, you need an appropriate dermatological treatment now!

What to do if you detect scabies?

It is important to understand that scabies mites wouldn’t go themselves. It need to be treated as soon as possible, else things will get worse. Along with the treatment, it is also essential to prevent it spreading it to others. Yes, it is highly communicable. You need a special and safe medical treatment like Dr. Scabies. It comprises of complete package of cream, liquid and soap, which contains natural oils and sulfur in the most appropriate amount. Once, you get rid of scabies mites, it is necessary to keep a check that re-infestation doesn’t occur. The presence of mites on objects like clothing, furniture, towel, etc. increases the chances of recurrence. However, you can stop it using 100% guaranteed solutions like Dr. Repellent, which is the most efficient in killing mites and their eggs off the host!

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