I Have Thin Lines On The Skin? Do I Have Scabies?

Scabies is an extremely common skin infection that can cause great discomfort and itching to a patient. It is caused by Scabies mites that are microscopic in size but cause a severe skin reaction the body of the host.

After a person gets infected with Scabies, the first symptoms appear only after two to four weeks.

Presence of thin lines accompanied by itching sensations is a strong sign that you have got some scabies mites burrowing under your skin in the target area.

But, if you’ve just got some thin lines on the skin without any kind of itching, chances are that it’s just a rash.

Caused by a parasitic mite, scabies is almost always accompanied by some sort of itching. With time, this itching sensation gets worse. The Scabies mites burrow under the skin of the host in order to look for a safe place to lay their eggs. It is the burrowing practice by the mites that leads to itching.

The victim cannot see the mite but it sure can sense it crawling underneath its skin. The female mite tunnels under the upper layer of the skin. She keeps eating the skin as she continues to burrow. Once the burrows are made she starts laying the eggs and can lay eggs up to twice a day. The eggs hatch in a matter of few days and the newly hatched mites start living on the hair follicle. It is the burrowing which causes line like formations on the surface of the skin. They can be in the shape of an ‘S’ or zigzag in pattern.

If you are sure that it’s scabies, get yourself a pack of Dr Scabies cream and lotion at the earliest. But if you’re doubtful whether it’s just an ordinary rash or scabies, it’s advisable to have your doctor inspect the skin scraps. 

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