If Heroin Is Being Used And They Are Always Itching Can That Cause The Person To Get Scabies?

Heroin drug abusers do not automatically fall in the category of people prone to Scabies. The reasons for the itching could be numerous.

Users of heroin are known to scratch themselves where they inject the needles, but they will have to come in contact with an infected person in order to contract Scabies.

1. Scabies is a Contagious Disease

Scabies is a contagious skin infection that can only spread by direct personal contact. If the heroin user lives in close proximity of an infected person or shares his personal belongings, there is every chance of him getting infected.

Sharing the same bed or having a sexual relation are reasons for the infection to spread.

2. Symptoms of Scabies

Once a person gets infected, the first symptoms will only show after 4 to 6 weeks. It all starts with a red rash and very soon the patient feels an intense itch in the affected area.

The patient might also see zig-zag lines that can be grey or red in color on the surface of the skin. These are the burrows of the mites, where they are laying eggs.

3. Life cycles

The life cycle of a female mite is 2 to three weeks, in which she continuously keeps laying eggs twice or thrice a day. The mite is unable to survive outside the body of the host. Hence it is important to keep the surroundings and belongings clean.

4. Dr. Scabies

Once a patient gets infected with Scabies, he should go for over the counter Dr.Scabies treatment plan. The whole family should be treated with this safe and effective product.

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