If Scabies is a pest, can I get infected from Scabies in my farms?

If Scabies is a pest, can I get infected from Scabies in my farms?

Before discussing the topic, let’s take a glance at some popular misconceptions about scabies that people often have. Have a look:

  • Scabies always happen to dirty people.
  • All scabies rashes appear alike. 
  • Scabies is a pest and can be transmitted by the farms.
  • Scabies can be transmitted through animals to humans and vice versa.
  • Scabies can be easily diagnosed.
  • Scabies can be treated with lice treatment.

The above points might have made it clear that all these are mere myths with no relevance to the truth. And so is the question asked whether scabies being a pest can be transmitted in the farms.  

Although, scabies has been in existence since the time the life started on the Earth, still it is a misunderstood ailment till today. 

Every year, about 300 million people get affected by scabies throughout the world. And, it is believed that average rates of affectants are unaware about the infestation, contraction, transmission, diagnosis or treatment. These misconceptions sometimes then lead to unwanted harms. 

Here we have tried to debunk these common myths about scabies so that it helps you to beat scabies and scabies mites to trouble your life. 

“Scabies always occur to dirty people”

Mites don’t care whether their host is dirty or clean. Bath five times every day and you can still get it. Mites just want a host to live on. Scabies mites are the Sarcoptes scabiei, and all they take is a human host. With proper hygiene, you cannot ward off scabies; however, clean surroundings can sometimes help you in avoiding the contractions of scabies. 

Such myths prevent clinicians from diagnosing the scabies properly in their patients. Those with a weakened immunity are the ones most likely to get scabies. Just boost your immune system and it’ll help you to prevent scabies’ outbreak.


“All scabies rashes appear alike”

All scabies rashes appear alike

Are you sure you have scabies? Not all the rashes are an indication to scabies. Rather burrows are the hallmark of scabies. Rashes can be even due to other ailments like eczema, ringworm, etc. In case of scabies, red rashes can appear either all over or just on specific areas the body. Various body parts are usually affected by scabies mites including the skinfolds near the breasts, armpits, face, scalp, and bottoms.

Also, the number of lesions varies from person-to-person depending on their immune power. There could be few scabies lesions or many. It is also possible that you just have intense itching, but no scabies rash at all. Only with proper diagnosis, scabies can be verified. 


“Scabies is a pest and can be transmitted by the farms”

Scabies is a pest and can be transmitted by the farm

Scabies is not a pest, it’s a microscopic human parasite named Sarcoptes scabiei that can live on the skin of humans or pets. Mites are species specific. Unlike other parasites or bugs, you cannot contract scabies from livestock, fodder or farms. This is just a myth. Scabies mites cannot survive more than 24-72 hours than without food. And humans are the only source of their food. 

“Scabies can be transmitted through animals to humans and vice versa”

Animals can never be a source of spread of human scabies. As mentioned above, since scabies mites are species specific, one cannot contract scabies from their affected pets. Although, pets can transmit mites to humans, however these mites do not usually breed on human hosts. And the same applies with human mites. If the mites get transferred to humans on contact with the affected pets, the mites fail to grow and produce only a mild itch that goes away on its own.

“Scabies can be easily diagnosed”

No, that’s not that simple! This is because scabies is often misinterpreted as conditions like psoriasis, ringworm, eczema. As such, scabies is typically the very last skin complaint people suspect.

This is tricky to identify as one doesn’t necessarily see a rash. As such, visual detection of mites is not always effective. Diagnosis methods like Microscopes or tissue biopsy are not also full – proof that are used to get a better view of mites or burrows for eggs. Improper diagnosis is the reason that leads to worsening the situation.

“Scabies can be treated with lice treatment”

Scabies has nothing to do with lice and cannot be taken care of with lice treatment. To treat scabies, consulting a physician is a must to be able to get hold of a prescription of right medications. Topical creams, as directed by the doctor, should be applied on the entire body, from head to toe 3-4 times a day to treat scabies. Also, avoiding prolonged physical contact with infected person is also a must. 


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