Infected By Mild Scabies? Call the Doctor Immediately

If you get a sudden itch that looks like a rash, do not ignore it any cost. Call your doctor right away or get yourself treated with a good product like Dr Scabies as soon as possible.

When you go to the doctor’s office, narrate to him all the symptoms that you have observed. The doctor will be able to make the right diagnosis on the basis of it. He should ideally examine the rash closely and also take scrapping of a burrow for further tests.

No matter how mild it looks, do not ignore the infection. Never!

1. Diagnosis of Scabies

The first step in making the right diagnosis in detecting Scabies is to observe the distribution and appearance of the rash.

The proper identification of mite eggs, mites and their fecal matter is a must. Once identified and confirmed, mild scabies shouldn’t be ignored.

2. Test to Check Mites

The doctor needs to remove a mite from a burrow, using the tip of a needle or by scarping the skin. But it needs to be remembered that a person might be infected by a small number of mites that are not so easy to locate for a test. It is important that you tell the doctor about the details of itching, locations of rash and intervals of itching to aid in a proper diagnosis of mild scabies.

3. Can Scabies Be Completely Eradicated From The Body?

There are a number of Scabicides in the market that are known to be successful in killing these creatures and their eggs. It is strongly advised to use one that is prescribed by the doctor only. Dr. Scabies is a product made from natural ingredients that can eradicate all traces of the mites when used correctly and regularly as per the instructions.

Dr. Scabies kills scabies completely

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