Is Dr. Scabies Able to Treat Mange in Pet Dogs and Cats?

Dr. Scabies is an all natural product that has been found to be very effective against the nasty Scabies infection. Scabies in pets and dogs is called Mange, and is caused by an animal mite. Read on to know whether it can help you treat mange in pets at home or not.

All products from Dr. Scabies have been specially formulated in order to provide instant relief to all patients. All the ingredients in their products are natural and have no side effects.

Years of research and hard work have gone into the making of these products. They are most affordable and guaranteed to rid the patient of living with mites inside his body.

Mange is a form of skin infection which is similar to human Scabies, but is found in dogs and cats-

  1. Dr. Scabies is a natural product that has been specially formulated for human use only.
  2. It is the safest and most reliable method to stop the itching and the irritation. Dr. Scabies is one of the few products in the markets that actually provide protection against re- infestation too.
  3. The chemical composition of Dr. Scabies is very similar to those used for treating cats and dogs.
  4. It is best advised to consult a vet for the best line of treatment for your pet. The scabies mites in pets cannot cause the infection in humans, but can surely cause itching and a mild infection for a limited period of time.

While Dr Scabies is primarily meant for treating human scabies, you can also use it to treat your dogs and cats at home for lasting relief from mange. If you notice no satisfactory results in about a week or two, it’s advisable to consult a vet.

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