Is Dr. Scabies Safe To Use On Pregnant Women

Dr. Scabies is a completely natural product that can fully eradicate Scabies infection. The ingredients in this product are completely natural. Hence, in comparison to other pesticide based products available in the market, Dr. Scabies is absolutely safe. If you have been infested by Scabies while pregnant, we can assure you that use of Dr.Scabies is totally safe. However, a second opinion with your consulting gynecologist will only re-affirm our verdict.

Let’s read a little more about Scabies and how it can be treated –

1. What Is Scabies?

Scabies is an infection visible on the surface of the skin caused by a parasitic mite. It can happen to humans of all ages. The economic stratum of an individual has nothing to do with it.

2. How Does It Spread?

Scabies is spread by personal contact with an infected person. The infection can also be contracted by sharing the same bed, clothes and belongings.

3. What Are The First Symptoms?

Scabies infestation takes two to four weeks to show the first symptoms. A red rash that looks like pimples might show on the surface of the skin. It could be in the form of lines and followed by intense itching.

4. What Does Dr. Scabies Do?

Dr. Scabies is a natural scabicide that fights the Scabies infection and gets rid of the mites and their eggs. Pregnant ladies can use it without worrying about any side effects.

Finally, make sure to consult a good doctor if you are unsure of the use or experiencing some serious symptoms.

Dr scabies kills scabies mites

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