Is It Possible to Have Scabies on the Vagina Lips?

Female genitals are highly prone to scabies infection, especially after delivery. Thankfully, some approved topical creams such as Dr. Scabies can safely cure this skin condition in and around vagina lips, and that too in quite a less time.

Scabies is probably one of the most treacherous skin conditions that can affect virtually all the body parts. This ailment can be highly troublesome on some specific areas, particularly the genitals. It takes lots of care and attention in order to keep it at bay!

Can Scabies Affect Vagina Lips?

It is true that females are more prone to acquiring scabies on the genitals than males, especially during pregnancy and after delivery. Since the main target of this skin condition is Labia Majora, the patient often feels intense burning and itching inside and around the vagina. Other symptoms include wrinkled or swollen labia and rashes and patches on the bikini area.

Is it Safe to Treat the Affected Area Using a topical Cream?

One of the most effective ways to cure scabies on the vagina lips is the application of a topical cream. However, it is important that the victim gets duly tested and approved product. And obviously, the most important thing to ensure is that all the ingredients of the topical cream are safe and natural.

Dr. Scabies is one of the most recommended and used topical creams for scabies. Almost all the users worldwide have given positive remarks about this cream.

How Does Dr. Scabies Cure Scabies?

The main ingredient of Dr. Scabies is Sulfur that is capable of eradicating the scabies mite. Unlike Crotamiton, pure Sulfur is safe and has no side effects. When applied on the affected vagina lips, Dr. Scabies directly targetsthe pathogen without having any side effects on the surrounding areas.

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