Is It Possible To Have Scabies That Don’t Itch?

Scabies is a very contagious skin disease that is characterized by severe itching and discomfort. There is hardly any possibility that scabies rashes will not itch, but unless of course, one is not using ointments to kill the itch.

In very rare cases and we must say only a few lucky individuals, do not go through the trauma of Scabies without an itch. Such cases are very few and far. In most cases a red pimple like rash is accompanied by intestine itching that can sometime drive a person insane.

1. The Causes for Itching

The itch actually depends on the mite that has infested a person. And a lot depends on the line of treatment chosen for eradication of the infection. 

A considerable amount also depends on the immunity of an individual. The important thing is to get it diagnosed in time and begin the treatment for timely relief. If left without treatment, the rashes will only grow in number, and the itching will also become intense and unbearable. 

2. Home Remedies

A lot of people will vouch for the effectiveness of home remedies. They will suggest treatment with Tea tree oil, aloe vera and neem. But it needs to be remembered that all these products only provide relief from the itching, but they are superficial. They are unable to eradicate the mites that are nested inside the body of the host.

3. Try Dr. Scabies

Once the doctor’s diagnosis says its Scabies, go for a natural product like Dr. Scabies.

With its natural ingredients it promises to eradicate the infection in a very short period of time and also minimizes the chances of a re-infestation. There are no side effects and very soon Scabies becomes a thing of the past.

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