Is it Scabies? Make Sure Before It Gets Too Late!

Do you known it is the very tiny mite, Sarcoptes scabiei, which is said to cause the contagious skin disorder scabies? Yes, this small bug, which is almost invisible naked to can infest anyone, regardless of age, gender, and color. Learn about the signs, indicating that you are infested by these mites.

It hasn’t been so long, when scabies was declared to be one among the list of neglected tropical diseases by WHO. This itchy and highly contagious skin disease is caused when a healthy hum is infested by the itch mite called as Sarcoptes scabiei.

“My wife (also a nurse) recently joined a hospital. While everything was going fine, but it was last week she suspected some uncommon rashes on her arms, and also she complained about itching. She took an off for the day and decided to take rest. Things became severer for us when itching went relentless and it was worse at night. Early morning we went to our physician and he confirmed scabies. Also, we got to know that there was a patient suffering from the same ailment who was attended by my wife few weeks back. And it was then; we got to know that how contagious this disease is. Really it is terrible!”

And this is not only in one case. There are endless cases which report the spread of the disease by just coming into the contact with infected person. You might not learn it in a day or two, as the symptoms can take up to few weeks to appear. But yes, it is highly important for you to learn about the symptoms. Here is the list you need to take care of:

  1. In the initial stage, you might observe signs of small insect-type bites. The other may find like some pimples, bumps, or blisters like signs, which are commonly found around the knee, underarm area, wrist, elbow, groin, and finger webs. These pimple or other structures can also have redness, rashes, or have some sores. Especially in children, welts, bumps and nodules are common.


  2. Itching and scabies are intertwined. It is also called as seven year itch, and if a person is infested by scabies mites, itching is something you cannot avoid. In many cases, it can be the first symptom. And it gets worse in the night time. Hence, whenever there is intense itching, which leads to scratching, and even without any rash or bite, you must get checked for scabies.


  3. Another common sign of scabies is the presence of burrows, i.e. a short S-shaped track formed on the skin which simply indicates the mite’s movement beneath the skin surface. It can be visible anywhere across your body, especially in the webs of fingers and toes. Well, these burrows can be small enough to be overlooked and thus, you need to be little more careful.


  4. In addition, you need to consider that scabies frequently occurs in the crevasses of the body like the buttocks, the elbows, the waist area, or between the fingers and toes. Other part of your body like face, soles, neck, head, scalp, and lips are less affected at the initial stage.


  5. In case of crusted or Norwegian scabies, the skin surface becomes covered with a thick, dry, and scaly rash. While the rashes in this case may or may not itch, but yes, it contains thousands to millions of mites. Therefore, it is the most contagious and the hardest form of scabies to treat. So, if you suspect these signs, then it is advisable to see a doctor as soon as possible. And yes, start with the treatment process at the earliest!

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