Is Salt Water Effective In Eliminating Scabies

Scabies look minor and often get confused with normal skin allergy. Therefore, treatment is must if your itching lasts for two weeks or more. If you are picking home remedies for the treatment, try for a salt water bath. It is effective in eliminating the scabies bug that causes severe itching during the night.

A kind of skin infection caused by the Sarcoptes Scabies bug causing a severe itching on your skin is known as Scabies. The term ‘scabies’ are generally derived from the Latin word for “mange”, which means scratch. These small mites gets inside the skin, leads to a risky allergy which further cause a rash and severe itching. Around the world, there are an expected 300 million individuals who are suffering from scabies.

When do Scabies occur?

Scabies takes place when female bug burrow into the human skin to lay eggs, making burrows below the surface. The parasites eat human skin and store their egg’s waste items, which encourage complex itching.

The eggs, through the span of three to four days, hatch into larva, which infect the skin as they live on the human skin for 3-4 weeks inside the skin. The scabies feast upon the blood of the host to survive, and encourage burrowing in the skin. The allergic response people have to the parasites’ salive, waste, and eggs cause the profound situated and relentless trademark itching of scabies.

Types of home treatments for Scabies

There are myriad natural remedies that you can find easily within your home premises. If you are not in a favor of allopathy treatment, the best way is to go for home treatments. Below are the top 5 most common things that you can use either by eating, applying directly on your body, or adding it to water while bathing;

  • Tea-tree oil that balances the pH level of your skin and makes it Li’l acidic.
  • Clove oil, that contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which helps in soothing your itch.
  • Onion, which is almost found in every kitchen in the world. It contains Quercetin, which provide relief to the symptoms of an itch.
  • Another helpful home remedy source is Bleach. It contains chlorine, that kills the mite that cause itching.
  • Last, but not the least is Turmeric. It is the best treatment one can have for scabies. One can use it in many ways by blending any of the above 4 or other remedial oils for best results.

Is salt water effective for Scabies?

Do you suffer from a severe itching during the night? Then, one of the best method is to soak yourself in hot water, which contains sea salt, at least for an hour. The procedure is;

  • Fill your bathing tub with hot water
  • Add 2 lbs of sea salt and mix it well with water
  • Then, soak yourself for one hour
  • Repeat the process continuously for 4-5 days
  • Do not use any soap and just rinse well your full body with that water.
  • After 5 days, you’ll see that your itching has disappeared and you’ll be able to sleep at night.

Thus, it is the best home remedy that evacuates your itching. Treating yourself with salt water bath can really help in eliminating your scabies mites.

Scabies Treatment Is A Must, Consult A Doctor As Soon As Possible!

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