Is Scabies A Form Of Sexually Transmitted Disease?

The Sarcoptesscabies mite is the root cause for Scabies infection. It can be classified as a sexually transmitted disease. But, it should not be confused with various other STDs. It needs to be approached differently.

The most common mode for spread of Scabies is by personal contact. It can be passed easily between members of a household, sexually, and by skin-to-skin contact. So, it can very well be classified as an STD but there’s a whole lot more to it.

Sharing of personal belongings like bedding, towels, and clothing can also lead to spread of the infection.

  1. The mites are actually capable of living for up to three days outside the human body. For the first four to six weeks the person might not even be aware of the infection.
  2. On the whole the symptoms appear after four to six weeks and the complete treatment takes two to three weeks.
  3. Transmission of the disease is only through a prolonged contact and not necessarily just a hug or shaking of hands.
  4. People in a sexual relation with an infected person are sure to get the infection.
  5. As obvious from above Scabies will also spread through the bedding, clothing, as the mites can survive up to 24 hours outside the body of the skin.
  6. Dr. Scabies, a natural product available in the market, lays emphasis on the fact that once a person gets infected with Scabies, the whole family should be treated for it.
  7. Eradication of Scabies from the household is only possible, when each and every member completes the treatment and the household is made mite free.

It shouldn’t frighten you that the scabies infection is often classified as STD. It sure is irritating but having it treated is much easier than most other STDs!

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