Is Scabies A Really Very Communicable Disease?

Yes, it’s a very communicable skin infection. The scabies mite can survive outside the body of the host for about 48 to 72 hours only. They die a natural death after that and the process is technically called self contamination. The infection will exist in all the regions that were in touch with the infected person. It could be his car, office, home and bed.

Read on more to know about the ways you can get infected by Scabies –

Scabies is a very infectious disease and it can spread by a prolonged hug or a long hand shake too.

The common places which the mite find easy to dwell in are –

  • The car, its seat belt and the upholstery inside are prone to get infected by the mites.
  • The purse or hand bag can also be infected by the parasite, without the knowledge of an infected person at all. The infection can also be present in books and bags.
  • People do not realize that eggs of scabies mites are very minute and can float in the air.
  • People can also get infested from the hair of an infected person. This is a potential danger as the mites are known to stay on the hair and not penetrate the scalp.
  • Mattresses and furniture can carry traces of mites and their eggs
  • Strollers for children and car seats have also been known to carry mites.

This information should help you take necessary steps on preventing the spread of scabies infection. Dr Scabies and other such treatment will work for sure but if mites are still roaming around in your home, they will come back for sure.

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