Is Scabies Infestation Possible From A Public Pool?

Scabies is spread only when a person comes in close contact with an infected person. Any skin to skin contact or sharing of common items can lead to an infestation. Getting scabies after using a public pool? Well, let’s find out!

A quick handshake or an informal hug will not necessarily spread Scabies from one person to another. Swimming in a public pool will also not aid in spreading the infection. It spreads faster in people and pets of a single family and in sexual partners. Nine out of ten adults, who suffer from scabies, seem to have got it from their sexual partner.

Let’s look at the reasons for spread of Scabies –

1. Sharing Of Common Articles

A major indirect reason that contributes in the spreading of Scabies is sharing of articles like clothes, towels, or even sleeping in the same bed.

2. Can It Spread From A Public Pool?

There are very little chances of Scabies spreading by water from a public pool. Since an average infected person carries fifteen to twenty mites at one time, it is very unlikely that they would leave the safety of the skin to come out in the water. But, an individual carrying Norwegian crusted Scabies is sure to infect the pool water with the mites, as they are present outside his body.

3. The Chlorine in the Water Will Most Likely Kill the Mites

The chemicals used to sterilize the water of a swimming pool will prevent the scabies mites from surviving in it. The chlorine and other sterilizers prevent the mites from spreading.

Whether it’s a public pool or a dear friend who passes on the infection to you, do not ignore it at any cost! Get yourself treated at the earliest with a natural and safe over the counter cream like Dr Scabies.

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