Is Scabies More Dangerous For People with Nervous Disorder

Scabies is a parasitic skin infection in which the mites make burrows under the skin and the infected person experiences intense itching.

The itching in Scabies can be very intense and cause extreme psychological and physiological discomfort to a patient. The fact that insects are crawling under your skin is a very scary and disturbing thought. People who are already suffering from nervous disorders can find it harder to deal with this scenario and might panic or feel depressed.

Let’s study more about nervous disorders and whether that has anything to do with scabies –

1. Conventional Treatments for Scabies

It has often been seen that Scabies in the early stages is very difficult to detect and night often be confused for other skin diseases. An experienced doctor will be able to identify the burrows and prescribe the right line of treatment. However, most prescription creams contain lindane or permethrin which are types of pesticides. They are not a guaranteed solution for it and might leave the patient feeling intense itching all over his body.

2. Interfere With Medicine For Nervous Disorders

It has been confirmed that all lindane and permethrin based creams enter the blood stream and can interfere with the chemicals already present in it. People with nervous disorders are on specific medication and in the presence of lindane and permethrin in the blood, might display mild and severe symptoms.

3. Effect On The Nervous System

Lindane is from the DDT family and is harmful for the nervous system. Hence, patients with nervous disorders should opt for a natural product like Dr.Scabies in order to protect themselves from any harmful side effects. Dr.Scabies is completely natural and effective in eradicating the infection and the infestation.

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