Is Scabies Treatment Costly?

No, scabies treatment is not costly and you can easily get the prescribed cream or lotion at a drug store near you. However, scabies is very annoying and spread very easily. That’s why you would obviously want to get rid of this skin condition as soon as possible. So, you need to immediately see your doctor when you notice extreme itching with unpleasant skin rashes and bumps.


Is scabies treatment costly

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The doctor will scrape off your skin to closely examine the presence of scabies mites under a microscope. Once you’re diagnosed with scabies you need to follow the treatment for up to one week to eradicate the annoying itch mites. Usually, permethrin cream is prescribed by doctors to treat this skin infection.

You need to apply this cream all over your body down the neck and leave it on for 8-12 hours before rinsing. After shower reapply it for another 8-12 hours. This procedure needs to be followed for a week, as that’s the normal life cycle of these itch mites. However, you may experience itching after the treatment for up to two weeks because of the skin’s reaction to dead remains of scabies mites. But if the itching persists even after two weeks, you might need second scabies treatment due to reinfection.

Yes, it seems quite hectic and irritating. Although the scabies treatment is not costly, getting it done for the second time will add extra cost. Moreover, the chemical-induced cream contains insecticides to kill the mites and it’s quite harsh on your skin. So, if you don’t want to apply harsh chemical on your skin, here are some cost-effective and natural ways to get rid of scabies at home.

# Tea Tree Oil: It has strong antiviral properties, therefore, considered one of the best natural remedies to treat scabies. It is highly acidic in nature and sufficient to completely eradicate the mites without any side effects. While applying tea tree oil, you need to dilute it with olive oil to reduce itching, rashes and other symptoms of scabies. Within a week, you’ll start noticing the result.

# Aloe Vera: It is another popular remedy for treating different types of skin conditions, including scabies. Especially, when you’re suffering from intense itching, it even soothes your skin by providing the cooling effect. Its anti-bacterial properties heal and regenerate skin and even relieve you from itching while killing the mites.

#Lavender oil: It is another effective and safe remedy to treat scabies. It helps in repelling scabies mites off your skin and can be used safely at home to eradicate these itch mites. It even rejuvenates your skin and can be used by diluting it with a few drops of olive oil.

# Garlic: It is an antibacterial agent that’s considered a strong remedy for scabies. It can not only kill the mites completely but also prevents your skin from further infections. You can apply a freshly made garlic paste to the affected areas at night and leave it for few hours. After that take a cold shower to soothe your skin.

All these home remedies are absolutely safe to use and have no side effects. Nonetheless, these solutions take some time to show the results. If you’re looking for a natural solution to heal your skin faster, you can rely on the homeopathic treatment of Dr. Scabies.

This cream provides you a natural and safest way to treat scabies with FDA recommended concentration of sulfur. It comes in different forms like cream, liquid concentrate, and liquid soap. It is produced by the GMP-compliant facility and claims to offer 100% treatment of scabies.

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