Is There A Home Treatment For Scabies?

The itch from scabies can easily be given the first or second spot for the most irritable diseases in the history of mankind. Yes, that is true. Ask those who have had a difficult time with scabies. It is a very common disease and any of us can get be infected by it. But thankfully, there is a treatment for it! Read ahead to know more!

People suffering from scabies have reported unbearable itching and uncontrollable irritation once infected by the scabies mite. A sure shot cure is the only thing that works in this depressing scenario. Dr. Scabies is offering to patients, a completely natural homeopathic cure, FDA approved, to put them out of their misery.

Trying the short cuts –Who doesn’t want that, right?

However, you will hear lots of personal experiences of people who were cured by using a home remedy in this condition. Some of them might give you temporary relief, others might not. But there is no harm in trying them. The important thing to remember when selecting a cure is whether it ensures complete protection against infestation or just provides temporary relief.

Since mites carry on hatching eggs all over your body (which then find their way to your stuff) and they just don’t leave until they are treated with a good medicine like Dr. Scabies.

Try putting turmeric

It is globally known to treat wounds and give partial relief in pain. Just mix a spoonful with some lemon juice and apply the paste on the wounds. Either let it just be there till it hardens or wash after a few minutes with warm water.


It has been used often to provide temporary relief, from itching in fungal infections. Make a paste of a few tablets and apply on the infected area. Wash with warm water after it dries up.

Aloe Vera

It is a cactus that has healing and cooling properties. It is known to have anti-pesticide and anti- microbial properties. However, how effective it is against scabies is yet to be determined. People continue to use it nonetheless.


After cleaning the infected skin with cold water, pat it dry. Apply calamine generously over the rashes to give instant relief from the itching and burning sensation. Keep this solution handy at home, during the treatment period, in order to get immediate respite.

White vinegar

Mix equal proportions of white vinegar and water and apply it over the rash with a towel soaked in it. It should aid in some relief from the itching for a short period of time.

Use Dr. Scabies

Keep in mind that the scabies mites burrows inside the human body, lays eggs there and the circle can go on indefinitely if not treated properly. All the above treatments only provide relief tropically, the activity that is happening inside your skin, has very little to do with it. Get rid of the obnoxious feeling in your head that you now house a colony of bugs underneath your skin. Get yourself a pack of Dr. Scabies and throw the intruder out in four days flat. Remember it is better to be safe than foolish. It’s the perfect home remedy if that’s what you’ve been looking for. 

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