Is There A Medicine For Scabies?

Have you ever experienced the torture of scabies? Perhaps, the very first question that affected people ask is to how to get rid of scabies. Well in this post, we are going to tell you exactly that!

A highly contagious skin infection, scabies is a severe skin disorder characterized by extreme itchiness and rashness in the skin. The main cause of the infection is the scabies mite (Sarcoptes scabiei), which lives on the host skin and burrows into it. Yes, mites create tiny tunnels right under your skin and use this place as safe breeding ground. Well, until you decide to kick them out.

Common Scabies Symptoms

  • Mite tunnels: These appear on loose skin (between finger surfaces, inner sides if wrists) as fine, dark patches or silvery lines. Most often, the burrows are not noticed until the rash develops.
  • Itching: This tends to be at one place initially and gradually spreads to other areas as well. Itching is generally worse at night time and after a hot shower.
  • Rash: Rash soon appears after itching on affected areas. It is identified as a lumpy, blotchy red spot appearing anywhere on the skin.
  • Scratching: Intense itching generally leads to scratching causing minor skin damage.
  • Aggravation of pre-existing skin conditions: Scabies generally tends to worsen other skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

What Is the Best Medicine Prescribed For Scabies?

Dr. Scabies is widely prescribed as a natural treatment to cure scabies infection by killing scabies mites and eliminate their wastes.

Doctors may prescribe Dr. Scabies to treat scabies infestation in situations where:

  • People have a severe form of scabies infestation, which could worsen if treated with chemical insecticidal products, such as Permethrin.
  • To effectively treat secondary bacterial infection and to drive away mites.
  • To sooth and relive scabies symptoms by avoiding the use of harsh chemicals.

What are the products offered by Dr. Scabies?

Dr. Scabies is renowned for providing the best treatment regimen that is natural and 100% safe to effectively treat even the worst cases of scabies infection. And don’t worry, Dr. Scabies products do not take forever to provide results.

Recognized, approved and officially monographed by the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of United States, Sulphur 8X HPUS constitutes the active ingredient of all Dr. Scabies products.

This means that all Dr. Scabies products ensure exceptional standards on safety and effectiveness of all ingredients. These include:

  1. Dr. Scabies Liquid Soap: To be used two times a day for 4 – 10 days
  2. Dr. Scabies Solution: Add 10-15 drops in bathing water. Soak for 20 min and air dry.
  3. Dr. Scabies Cream: Cleanse the skin thoroughly and cover the entire affected area once a day.

Where to buy this natural Scabies Treatment?

You can buy it right away on the official product website. No matter where in the world you live, be assured that you will get it at your doorstep! 

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